What If I Told You… (Spoken Word Poetry)

  Passion’s paisley swirls, Silk, sensual ambers, Amethyst’s amour, Dreams delicate, embroidered, My heart softly woven, So deeply in you. Yesterday fraught, Fractured bruised, broken, My life void of color, Heart’s cloth torn asunder, No respite, no reprieve, An emptiness echoed. But dawn now has come, Daybreak’s endless new joy, Gentle finger tip caress, Merciful […]

Our Forever Far Away… (Spoken Word Poetry)

  Outstretched fingertips, Mine… Across new day’s dawn, Arcing emptiness, Miles and emotions, Straining to touch, Yours. Slipping free Rusted shackles, Chain links of loneliness, Grasping heart’s freedom Far flung infinitude, Shimmers of mutual destiny, Longing for Boundless blue skies, Verdant, Elysian Fields beneath, Our bodies and spirits alive… Lustrous eternity together awaits. This mere […]

Brought To This Moment… (Spoken Word Poetry)

    Tortuous twisting paths, Mortality’s destination, Life’s ultimatum, Never foretold… Only to unfold. Moments of hurt, Blend of pain, Passion, Sadness, Joy, Kaleidoscope of past, Blur of now, Fog of future. Nothing certain, But this… This moment… Now, Just you, And me. We are here. Quirk of fate? Perhaps. Blind luck? Maybe. Maybe it […]

Learning How… (Spoken Word Poetry)

    Life alone, adrift, Overwhelming waves of emptiness, Thrashed me. Churning, Spilling, Washing spirit from heart. Tossed upon coarse stone beach, Desolate, left to languish, Emotions ebbing. Limp on forsaken shore, Burning, Heart withering. My parched lips, Crusted with loneliness, My stinging eyes, Squinting, Years of longing Scalding any vision of forever, My ears, […]

Can’t You See It? (Spoken Word Poetry)

    Drowning… Angry, torrid, Waves towering, Green water thundering, Threatening, My life, losing… Longing to be saved. You see that in my eyes, Can’t you? Cradling your soft hands, Mine coarse, rough, calloused, Touching diaphanous, Silken skin, Porcelain you, Rarified, glorious, My life, needing… Longing to be held. You see that in my eyes, […]

Defending Your Dreams (Spoken Word Poetry)

  A thousand rich stories, Your eyes clearly speaking, The important, Impactful, What you need to feel safe. A thousand rich stories, Your voice softly whispers, Aspirations, And yearnings, What you long for in life. A thousand rich stories, Your heart now pronouncing, How to hold you, How to touch you, Lush caress for your […]