Let The World Know (Spoken Word Poetry)

When I wrote this poem a few days ago, it was begging to be spoken. I succumbed. šŸ˜Š Thank you for allowing me to revisit this work. Walls of the heart, Bulwark of emptiness, Our armor, Shielding senses, Protection from past pain, Uncertain future. Thwarting arrow of risk, Piercing, Lance of loss, Thrusting. Panoply of […]

Settle Into Me (Spoken Word Poetry)

It’s not just the warmth Of the fireplace, Adding to the romance Of the momentā€¦ A kaleidoscope of Oranges, Reds, Ambersā€¦ Dance from the embers, Splashing faint rouge on The walls of the Darkened room, Scintillations Of energy building A heat in us, Glimmers exposing A need, Tonight, Curled up, Together On this sofa. It’s […]

Our Treasures, Distilled (Spoken Word Poetry)

  Filigree of gold, Sensual, lush lacework, Your body, your regalia, Lavaliere of my love. Molten, heat’s marking, Softly melted, aureate gilding, Spreading, liquid brilliance, Your skin glistening for me. Queen in my eyes, Your supplicant, your servant, Your whispers, my orders, Consummation complete. So take me, so wanting, Hot murmurs, neck needing, Jeweled kisses, […]

When It All Started (Spoken Word Poetry)

    Your wordsā€¦ Each luscious syllable, Tasting of mandarin, Citrus, exotic sweetness, Tangerine brilliance, Filling my eyes. Each phrase, Tawny hues of brandy, Coating, smoothing, singeing, Liquor’s legs lingering, Creeping rivulets, My throat begging for more. Each sentence, Scent of plumeria, Tropical eroticism, Commanding sensuality, Expecting capitulation, Coconut oil, My body flooded, Conceding. Youā€¦ […]

Stars Our Beautiful Bridge (Spoken Word Poetry)

    Dawn softly rustling, Nature struggling to wake, My day, Nonetheless, In automatic proceeds. Rich henna of darkness, Hushed colors muted Browns and blue-blacks, Night’s persona persists. Water colors of coolness, Damp dew on my skin, New winter’s clear presence And whispers of strength. Hesitating now, Car nearly loaded, Drive-to-work doldrums Mundane my life […]

The Colors And Textures Ofā€¦ (Spoken Word Poetry)

    Brilliance, New day sun, Glimmering in you. Sparkling sensation, Fingertips alive, Holding your satin cheeks. Eyes, Ours, Deeply gazing, Infused with certain oneness. Such a simple, Physical, Gestureā€¦ Holding your beautiful face, Both my hands, Calloused, Rough, Embarrassedā€¦ Overwhelmed, Weeping, Unworthy to touchā€¦ You. To cradle The essence of elegance. Your eyes, Lustrous, […]