On The Crest Of Life’s Wave (Spoken Word Poetry)

      What reach must I course, The hungering voyage? You, on distant shores, Shimmer of beauty Lighting of pearl On surf caressed, Brilliant white sands. What tack must I take, Fighting the whipped howl Of heedless headwinds? Your suppleness Rich, Moist skin So seeking My whispering touch. What sea state must I endure, […]


Your lumens painted morning for his eyes, Tourmalines, tangerines, sapphires, and golds, Splashed across a canvas of cotton clouds, Piercing arrows of light. He looked through you…seeing nothing. Your love washed white sand beaches of his day, Spilling cool, soothing his lips, Respite cove, offering him peace. Calloused, nonexistent spirit…lust for greed, his only feeling. […]

In Lavender Fields… (Spoken Word Poetry)

I really appreciate several of you asking for me to read this.  It’s my pleasure. Thank you!   Lie with me in lavender fields, Amethyst sheets, Our sensual robes. Lie with me in lavender fields, Beneath sapphire skies, Brilliant blue of forever. Lie with me in lavender fields, Rosewater dew, Moistening our lips. Lie with […]

Waves And Warrens

Injurious fate, Ruinous, raw luck, All of me missing, Connection, with you. Years spent at sea, Surrounded, near flooded, Towering waves, Obscuring my view. So desperately seeking, So longing, so wanting, A glimpse of your shoreline, Your landfall, to cling. But immeasurable swells, Building, concealing, Obstructing my vision, Our joining, denied. Now so far from […]

Where My Softness Hides (Spoken Word Poetry)

Hello my friends, I so appreciate your willingness to let me explore spoken word poetry! It’s really helpful to see what works and what doesn’t. 😊 Here is a rendering of my post 02 Jan 2019, “Where My Softness Hides.” A marvelous poet, Dorothy (deyspublishing.wordpress.com) encouraged me and emboldened me to post the spoken word, […]