The night demons Haunted him. With tortuous touch, Those demons Reached deeply Into him… Stealing his quiet, Stealing his sleep, Stealing his solace, Stealing every confidence Of his worthiness, His worthiness Of being Hers. Drifting from awake To semi-awake, He struggled for understanding, And begged for clarity. But none was forthcoming. As the night matured, […]


He stood there, In the freezing rain, Of a defeated heart. Naked to the perils And despair, Of his failure To be hers… Of his failure To serve her… Of his failure To meet her needs… Of his failure To nurture, Wholly, Their marriage. The storm of his sin Thrashed His mind, And in singular […]

What’s On Your Mind?

They crossed paths Every morning In that corner coffee shop. She, Swept in, Promptly At 8:15 am, Like a fresh Spring breeze, Dispelling any Lingering winter cold. Everything in that shop Brightened with Her arrival… The dark woodwork Seemed to glow. Patrons seemed To smile more As if urged by some Unknown positive force Conveying […]


Nothing means more To me Than speaking with you Clearly, Directly… From my heart. I can’t begin To describe How you move me… Leaven me… Connect with me. Yet, Here we are… Standing inches, Yet miles apart. Considering what Means most, To each of us. The answer To that Most personal, Intimate, Question, Comes to […]


Drifting in the quiet, Of a failing life, Dead, Heavy fog, Unable to see the way ahead. Air, Syrupy thick, Clogging and Obfuscating all. Emotional seas flat calm, But portending Risk, And an all-encompassing Danger. In this hazard, Unable to see, Unable to feel, My heart moves, Tentatively forward. Grasping for safety, Unsure of itself, […]


Have you ever felt The deep, Incessant, Alluring, Power of Anticipation? Something so close… So afresh… So tempting. Your mind Constructs The sensual Scene, Of satiation For whatever Is the near, The now… Soon, So soon To be consumed. And so it was For me, Anticipating That first kiss… With you. Conspicuously luscious? My mind […]

My Release

What is breath, Taken in… Consumed… And released… If not for the perfect Portrayal of love. A pure act. An effort Of feeding, And sustaining… Imbuing the very essence Of life. How can I Breathe my Breath Into you? This moment Of us Is not simply A passing whim. You are not Merely a specter […]