In The Absence Of An End

His fingers, Outstretched, Straining, Desperate To sense beyond His emptiness, His reality… But nothing tactile, Nothing new, Nothing to grasp… Just the vacuum And desolation, Limiting his world To the sameness, And sadness. Perhaps wrongfully, He envisioned A different place, A different world For his heart To call “home.” But there was No horizon for […]


Do you remember when That someone, Truly Special… Artistry Imbued in Flesh… Grace, Here, Now Impacted your life? Not casually, Not incidentally… But deeply. Do you remember That moment When that singularly Special Person, Somehow Crossed your path, You, So thankful For that serendipity? I think that you do… And you just don’t Want to […]

Forget Her…

He had mastered The art Of forgetting. When hurt, When disappointed, When disillusioned, His mind took over, So easily erasing Emotion… And with that erasure, Memories, No longer worthy. And so now, Understanding that She no longer, Wanted, Or needed, Him… His mind, Subordinating his heart, Took over, Directing what must Happen, Simply another “delete.” […]