The New Norm

So, I admit it. I’ve spent Friday nights, Too many to count, With the boys… Drinking too much, Thinking too much, Fantasizing about All the beautiful women In that bar… Whatever it took To find my way Again, After a failed relationship, And lost love. Nothing I’m Terribly proud of. But then fate Found me […]

A Goodnight Kiss

How can something So physically simple And direct, Be so complex, And nuanced, And emotionally overwhelming? Just facing you, There On your front step, So fulfilled From a night together… Basking in the moonlight, And warmth radiating from us, So hopelessly In love, Begging for Forever, Together… Eyes unmistakably focused On the other’s, Separated physically […]

Pour Yourself Into Me

For too long,I have staggeredThrough the desertOf loneliness. Empty,Harsh,Unforgiving. Pushing farther,One dusty foot,In frontOf the other… Just to make distanceAway from nothingness,Toward the oasisOf impassioned surety, Unquestionably there,If only a glimmerOn the horizon… Willing,At all costs,To reach that respiteCalled Love. But each glimmer,Just beyond my grasp,Simply never materialized… Advancing simultaneouslyOne pace farther,With each step I […]