Upwelling tears Trapped damaging past, Coursed through his veins Bending his blood, Tainting his spirit Still trampled by doubt. Rending of love, Lost chances to hold, Needing one glimpse, A forever to see… But none. Emptiness echoing, Shrill Damming Dullness, Shackled his now To a past wholly ache. Just one outstretched hand, Just one mind […]

Prelude To My Dreams

Beautiful night dreams,So soon to be mine,Will waitIn the quiet, Knowing my need. Knowing my need, To dwell,Taste again,Hear again,Just once more, Recent rich memoriesWe purely composed, And simply yet savor,Soulful and slow,Sweet decadent bond,Lush love newly made. Stave off my sleep,Just of few minutes more,And let me consumeDim opulent huesMoist mist all around. Opalescent […]

So Susceptible

All-consuming… Utter urgency,Burning desire to touch,To feel,To taste… Seemingly simple,But so much more complex, Passion’s mystery,Teasing. Your whispers,My whispers,Elegantly entwined,Love’s novel resulting,Publishing awaits… Begging to be read. Deep depth of need,More than pure heat,Beyond culmination,Foundation of forever, Mutual dreamsOf rich rapture,Perfected. All these thoughts,My thoughts… So surely,SurelyYou senseMy desire,To please. My questTo hold… My pledgeTo […]

Indelibly Marked

Glorious… Her gentle ascendancy. Whisper of her soft touch,Carefully caressing his hurt. Eternal,Her all-embracing compassion,Quietly accepting his faults,Unworthiness,Frail and failing. Breath of her spirit,Filling him tenderly,Guiding him constructively,Teaching him profoundly. Radiating,Shimmering now… Dawn of deep devotion. Rough hewn,His younger years,Scars of past pain,Of no consequenceIn her welcoming hands, Shaping him,Saving him. Life,His wounded world,Now whole,Healed. […]


All-powerful greys, Iron of fatigue, Ponderous, Enrobing, Night now near. Accomplishments and failures, Echoes of my day, Sunset denied, Richness of rest, So desperately needed. My moment now here, Finally, Day’s duty done, And a vision of you, Your grace filling me, Your heart filling mine. Opalescence and radiance, Pastels of your skin, Tawny waves […]

The Wounded Perfect Life

Untoward moments Marked, Scars ripped, Signs of real. Past pain, Unkept, Straining stains Physical failure Stories of seminal Personal… Embarrassment. No longer perfect. Glamor gone. Sadness of reality, Ruddy renting of skin, Now the norm, Coursing serpentine, Flesh ironed smooth, Multicolored gloom, Blues, purples, Past joy of youth Now empty, Body frail, Foundering. But then, […]

Old-fashioned Courtship

Beauty blooms,Building rich foreverIn slowness,Yes? Clasp of hands,Pulse flourishing,Fingers singular firstThen joined,More meaning in total,Than the sum of each. Beautiful mysteryUtter anticipation,Moist moments ahead,That next kiss teasing now,If only sooner… Delicious,When consummatedNonetheless. Our emotional committmentSo rightfully subordinating,Temporal,Physical,Fleeting,Pleasure… Depth of forever,Fathoms furtherThan any momentary touch. Just knowing,Basking in glorious lightHearts enjoining,So certain of romance,Pure power exposed. […]