Maybe I Should Be Ashamed…

Quiet of new-born day, Darkness still flooding my bedroom, Silence shouting for attention, Ink blackness, shielding reality… And yet, I’m thinking of you. Early morning commute, Trance of passing cars, Radio, unrecognizable hum, Challenges, thousands, Work worries abound… And yet, I’m thinking of you. Evening approaches, Day’s work done, Dinner, immemorable, Fatigue, grey steel heavy, […]

I Hunger To Hear

Our eyes speaking volumes, Lush words, hearts discerning, Our ears feel forever, Devotion, tongues taste. Eons of romance, A clarity, transcendent, Complete serendipity, Consummate, conjoined. I read, and re-read you, Each chapter, exposing, A beautiful nuance, New fragrance to sense. Mysterious woman, You, essence of elegance, Surprising my life, With abundance of grace. Lie with […]

Shards of Desolation

Each tentative step taken, Hot horizon so barren, For years I walked, longing… Loneliness cutting, Like glass ‘neath my feet. Strewn out before me, Fragments of anguish, Mocking and glistening… Serrated and broken, My spirit to wound. Each edge of emptiness, Confidence, slashing, Steps piercing my courage… Bleeding my emotions, And will to go onward. […]