Just Now

I know That I shouldn’t Let these thoughts consume me… But they do. In the quiet And stillness Of this sunset, My heart And mind Are overwhelmed, Not just with The beauty Of the sky’s Ever-changing palette Of color, And elegance, But with the flood, Of incessant yearning, Demanding my attention, Focusing on nothing, But […]


You feel it,Don’t you? The natural cooling, The evaporative effectOf sweatNow glistening,LeavingYour skin… A directAnd immutable result,Of passion,Physical connection… And release. Me,Releasing you… And you… Me. There is nothingLike it,In the human condition… Yes? But in thisPast passion moment,As we fall backTo earth,And reality, I want you to know… No… I need you to acceptAnother,And […]

He Just Needed…

This night, Like all the others, He yearned for sanctuary… Just an acceptance, And recognition, Of safety, And surety, For his heart. To him, Life didn’t need To be perfect, Or blissful, Or different. He just needed Someone to hold, He just needed, To count on another, When life upended his expectations, He just needed […]