It’s Not Complicated

Don’t you see how simple this is… Every time you smile, Parting those gorgeous, Supple, Moist Lips… Every time you gather your mane, Of luxurious, Silky Hair… Every time you flash those Deep, Dark eyes… Imploring me To love you… I succumb. You… Simply… Are perfect. Everything, I’ve dreamed of. Fiercely strong, Enticingly intellectual, Unquestionably […]

Our Perfect Prism

We see the world Differently from others. What they see, As pure white light, Our passion dissociates Into a spectrum of color, Evoking our art, Evoking our earnestness, Defining our world. Their drab every day, Is our panoply Of love pigments, Painting one another, Richly, Again. Their emptiness is our cornucopia, Diversity and fullness of […]


Tangled, Still slightly dampened sheets, Distorted from our bodies colliding, Moistened from our bodies exhaling. Our skin, Shines, Still, From the slight glisten… As the growing light of daybreak Refracts through the moisture Of remaining sweat, Yet adorning us. And, Lingering, A sweetness in the air, Of us… Warm, Comfortable, Satiated. All of this, Unkept. […]

In The Void Of This Quiet

Dead of night, Lying awake. Utter calm. Darkness so deep, That it robs my eyes of usefulness. Quiet, So empty, That I hear my heart beating, Pulsing, Rhythmically, As if a rich drumbeat In this secluded room Of my nighttime making. Yet, In this emptiness, I find… A contradictory, Deeply satisfying, Fullness. In the void […]


He couldn’t stop thinking of her… Regardless of time of day, Or task at hand. Again and again, His mind’s eye saw her beauty, His fingers felt The silkiness of Her mane, As he cradled her head Next to his chest. The brilliance of the sun Reminded him Of the blaze of her eyes… All […]


They saw each other purely by chance, That night. Or perhaps not. But in that glimpse, Their eyes joined. So many years had passed Each life taking a different direction, Apart… Rather than together on the journey. But time past meant nothing Now… When their eyes met again, From a distance. Across throngs of classmates, […]