Finger Tips

I’ve heard That the eyes Can speak volumes, Wordlessly. I’ve heard That body language, Can convey intent. I’ve heard That word choice, Can suggest Extra meaning And a depth of emotion. But when I gaze At you, I focus on Your fingertips. Those delicate, Beautiful instruments Play a melody In the air, Defining elegance, Perfectly […]

We Can Do This

None of this, Seems to make sense. Yet here I am, Now, So needing, You… Separated from me, By so much space, And time. How can Fate Be so cruel? You… So tempting, So attractive, So alluring. Nothing seems straightforward, Nor… Sure. But know this… The good And pure And lasting Things in life, Evade […]

Have I Told You?

All day long, Our lives are confounded By unending questions. The Boss wants To know your Strategy for success, Your co-workers Want input For the summer picnic, The Dry Cleaning staff Wants to know When to have Your garments ready… So many Mostly meaningless questions, In the grand scheme Of our, In reality… Short time, […]