Beyond The Now

Past the stars… Past the heavens… Past our presence, Beyond the now, We exist, Together. Nothing more perfect, Nothing more complete, Nothing more passionate. Our bodies, And minds, And hearts, Have established A special place… Known to none, But you And me. Beyond what is Accepted Or understood By the rest of This mad world, […]

That Full Moon

He sat alone One late fall night, Warmed by the fire, And his thoughts Of her. The night sky Clear with the Onset of winter, Offered more stars To his eyes… An illimitable, Uncountable, Display of God’s Creation. But each star, Each lustrous galaxy Splayed across The heavens, All subordinated Themselves, To the splendor Of […]

Can I See You?

Late one cold November night, I sat outside in front of A bon fire, And started thinking Of you. Can I see your beauty, Radiant, Gracefully flowing In the twisting Ever-changing palette Of light? Can I hear your Heart call In the pops, And murmurs Of the embers Birthing their life, And warmth? Can I […]

The Embrace

Somewhere… At some point During the days That they Spent together… They connected In a deeper way. It wasn’t expected, Nor was it desired… It just happened. That they both Belonged Already, To another… Was tragic. Unspoken, And undeniable, The attraction grew Nonetheless. As days turned To months The tension only built, Unrelinquished In its […]

I Can’t Tell You…

I don’t see you every day… It’s not that often… Perhaps every week, Or so. But when that meeting occurs, Regardless of the periodicity… I fall hopelessly in love With you, Again. In conversation with you, I can discuss the work schedule. I can make small-talk about the weather, Any number of topics That I […]