Fire And Snow

Tears paint your cheeks, Tiny rivulets of diamond emotions, Exposed, tracing shimmers in sepia of dawn. Night demons, yet tormenting you, Mocking, with their cousins of past regret, And future failures… Each wanting to wound your heart. So I hold you, now, And protect you, now, In the near darkness of morning, Our family room, […]

Sum Of Our Hearts

My life, Q.E.D, Cold, clear conclusion, Loneliness, the calculus Defining my ache. Lost, facts attest, Variables of vacuum, Proving, so surely, My patterns of pain. Straight line, my life, From nowhere, to nowhere, Never connecting, Tangents teasing me so. Fantasy, a function, Mathematical magic, Another dream dimension, Heart longing to fill. Emotional equations, Complex integration, […]


She sensed him, behind her, She felt him move closer, Brilliance, tingling, As he lifted her hair. His breath, slow and deepening, His moisture, his murmur, His whisper of purpose, An urging, so clear. Then hands on her hips, Connecting, completely, His cooing, “I love you,” Caressing her ear. She knew, in that moment, The […]

Safety Of Your Harbor

Emotions, thrashed… My soul, Torn and twisted. Beaten, bloodied, Fraught from fierce pain. Life’s steel, wrenched, Castaway, wandering, Unknowing, unseeing, Just searching for love. Thunder, gale forces, Damning high waters, Currents, And storms, And unforeseen failures… I plead, And I yearn, Your arms, to arrive. My composure, my armor, Stalwart, courageous, But life’s howling winds, […]

The Weight Of These Tears

Leaden tears spilling, Eruptions, my anguish, Molten, upwelling, Pushed deep from within. Tracks coursing, slowly, My cheeks full of furrows, Rivulets, weighty, Heaviness of hurt. Pressing my flesh, Syrupy, poison, Trails tracing memories, Flooded with pain. Distant dreams, boxed, Shelved now forever, Once was my future, But never, to be. Yet in this dark moment, […]