Go With Me

Do not pack. Do not concern yourself With travel details… Neither the functions That we might attend, Nor what you need to wear. Where we stay, Has no significance, Now. This is a singular vision, Of where our dreams Pierce through The mundane. Our material constraints… Our worldly concerns… Have no bearing On our journey, […]


We know this recipe, The ingredients, And actions, Neither complicated, Nor uncertain. We know how to make One another’s heart race. We know how to make Our skin, Compressed, Glisten, With sweat, And the sweetness of unconstrained Passion. We know how to make A second of pleasure, Traverse a lifetime of ecstasy. We know how […]

Just Me, This Bourbon…And You

It’s just a glass, “Double Old Fashioned”… I think. But hidden somewhere Between those mostly melted Ice cubes, Bathed in what is now Watered-down bourbon, My reality Is defined. Loneliness, And a hunger, For something real… Something to touch… Something to love… Now that you’ve left. Isn’t it strange, And coincidental… That the complex sweetness, […]

I Want To Feel As If…

Just a whisper… Your warm breath, In my ear, Listening for, Yearning for, Every, Single, Syllable, Of you. My skin Sensing, The essence… The transformative power, And grace, Of you. This, This I need. I want, And desperately desire To forever feel, The slightest brushstroke, Of your innermost light, And love, Painting a watercolor Of […]

Listen To…Me

I don’t know how we got here… All out-of-order, All mixed up… Mind, Voice, Spirit, Dissociated from The “norm.” Not following the rules Of a constraining, Unknowing, World. But somewhere beyond their ruse, My outstretched fingers, Reach for you, Straining for that Familiar touch, To give me certainty, To give me comfort, To give me […]

Somewhere Near Exhaustion

Somewhere near exhaustion, You offered me a vision of sensual, Forever. Somewhere near exhaustion, I conveyed your body To another world, And you conveyed mine, Shrouded in the secrecy Of our fantasies. Somewhere near exhaustion, We fell into one another, Two bodies, Locked, And rhyming, In certain satisfaction. Somewhere near exhaustion… I recognized, And understood, […]

And Then What?

We have past that moment… Neither will, Nor discretion, Can reverse Or erase Our now Problematic past. Our connection, Our consumption, Our completion… Flared unexpectedly, Perhaps regrettably. Moments of pleasure, And passion, Tore us from Ambivalence in life To a carnal, Perfect… Though impermanent, Place. But in doing so, Drove us Elsewhere. Beyond what we […]