Listen Deeply Inside Me

Quietly,So quietly,Connect with me. Rest your cheekOn my bare chest. Drape your dreamsOver my bodyAmidst these tangled sheets. Sense,Now,Nothing moreThan us,In the fading lightOf thisFading day. Our skin,The perfect conductorOf warmthAnd emotion. Your cheekStill restingOn my chest. Your armPurposefullyEstablishing a presenceOn my body. Your hipsLaced,Still,To mine. Your ear pressedTo me. What do you feel? My […]

Heal Me

I knowThat I’m broken. So many emotional scars… So many failed attempts,To connect,To reach,To be the one and only, To… To love. You don’t have to do this,I know, And quite frankly, I’m not worthyOf you. But now,In this moment, I’m hurting so badly,And need so badly… You. I don’t ask forYour forever… I don’t […]