Live What You Write

Between the delicate, melodious verses…

Between the feather-falling stanzas…

Your downy artistry overwhelms me,
Your elegant sensuality fills me,


The eclipse of my heart occurs.

Lilting, softly singing,
Your words drape me,
And take me,
Beyond what my world says is real…

So far beyond what I deserve.

This is the moment where fantasy…

Meets reality.

The moment where I realize that you are the one…

The moment when I look myself in the mirror…

And know,


I love you.

And I want,

I need,

I hunger…

To live what you write.

© 2019 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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16 thoughts on “Live What You Write

  1. Oh this is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking, Bill. You can really feel the need to want to be in every word, every breath, every part of this person’s life.

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    1. Many, many thanks Brandi. You are so very kind and supportive. Really appreciate you my friend!! Have a wonderful Sunday!!

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    1. You are so kind, Dorothy. Thank you very, vey much. Have a wonderful Sunday!!


      1. Always a pleasure.
        Enjoy your Sunday as well.

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  2. As a writer, one can only hope to have this effect on another.

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    1. That is incredibly kind of you. Thank you very much!

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  3. love the eclipse of the heart, your poem has lovely caesura Bill, the pauses increase the passion

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    1. Thank you very, very much Gina. I appreciate you!!

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