Open Yourself…


Lavender iris,
Satin plush petals,
Lemon zest splashed,
Centerline painted,
Springing from verdant stalks,
Blossoms lifting,

Unashamed of natural beauty…

Wild, unbound, uninhibited.

Colors of passion,
Spilling over me,
My iris,



Wild, unbound, uninhibited,
Drawing me through the exotic,
My emotions,


At your lips.

Drape slowly, your lush satin petals,
Teasing, lemon zest spreading,

Open yourself,

Open yourself…

To me.


© 2019 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

Public Domain Image courtesy of Google

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26 thoughts on “Open Yourself…

  1. This is lovely all the way around. Perfect.

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    1. Thank you Dorothy! So glad that you enjoyed it!

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      1. You’re welcome. I did.

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  2. I love to see the garden flowers
    that sparkle like jewels in-between the showers
    and lift the spirits of passers-by
    No detail is missed by the Artist’s eye.

    Lots of Love
    Sibyl X

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    1. Sibyl…thank you so much. You master the words…just so beautiful.

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      1. Thank you Bill, so do you, and we both know what we mean.

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      2. Exactly.

        Really appreciate your thoughts!

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  3. Beautiful poem quite fitting of the image.

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    1. So many thanks Tara! I love wild iris that grow around the banks of marsh and ponds. They are exquisite.

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      1. Yes! I have a tattoo of an iris 😊

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  4. PS.
    I presume you are talking about the flower
    exotic and wild flowers adorn true-love’s bower
    Their heady scent missed by those passing by
    All details revealed by a love affair’s eye.

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    1. Precisely Sybil.

      You have the eye.

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      1. I have two eyes Bill, and both have a blue Iris.
        Now my Mind’s I in the middle of my two blue eyes is Mistress of my SOUL and I’m very sure you are Master of yours. Yin Yang agendas Bill. Yin Yang.


  5. beautiful and sensous

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    1. Thank you Gina!!

      Do you have iris, or something similar? Here, wild iris grow around the banks of small ponds. I love them. Lavender and lemon yellow. My favorite. So glorious.

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      1. we don’t have the iris in the lowlands and I think have only seen it in the highlands, it is a delicate flower and would probably not endure our tropical heat. but our orchids are a pretty close competitor, it is lush and rich, you would probably have seen them in Hawaii. Deep purples are my favourites. a lot of ferns grow around ponds here.

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      2. Thank you for the perspective! That makes great sense to me. And I agree, I have seen orchids that look very similar… and the deep purple is my favorite as well!

        Have a wonderful evening Gina!


      3. you have such an artistic eye and keen appreciation of beauty. it was lovely to share a little bit about Malaysia with you.
        and a lovely day to you Bill.

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  6. Love this Iris and the poem.

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    1. So many thanks Crystal!! I wanted to find a picture of Siberian iris that I could use without concern of license….but had to settle for this one (don’t think it’s Siberian…do you?). Love the Siberian.

      Glorious flowers.

      So glad you liked this poem!


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