Waiting To Rise…

Tide rising,
Filling life’s voids,
Crags of emptiness,
Brine cleansing,
Ocean’s balm,
Embodying completion,
Promising higher grace,
Celestial gifts,
Spread with sea-foam,
Humbly received.

My heart,
Swathed in love,
I feel you rising,
Nourishing my longing,
Lifting me,
Flushing loneliness,
Warmth, washing,
Silk touch, soothing…
All my life,
Waiting to exhale,
Waiting to find you,

Waiting to rise…

And live,


© 2019 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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24 thoughts on “Waiting To Rise…

    1. So many thanks MVS. Means a lot to me!


  1. Beautiful as always Bill. I love the play on the sea

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    1. Thank you Lorraine! So glad you liked it!


  2. Bound to happen… 🙏

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  3. Bravo. This is excellent. I love it.

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    1. So wonderful, Dorothy. So glad these words resonated.

      Have a wonderful evening!!

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      1. Yes they did. My pleasure Bill.
        Enjoy your evening as well.

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  4. The imagery of tides rising, nourishment and longing makes this poem an experience. The metaphor of sea is always refreshing and soothing. Well done!

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    1. So many thanks Tanya!!

      I so appreciate you and your thoughts!!

      Hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday night!!

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      1. My pleasure! You too have a radiant weekend!

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  5. Still afloat, drifting at sea
    on dreams of passion
    and intimacy.
    The tide is turning
    to set Love free
    inside of thee.

    In time and space
    there’s a special place
    Souls long to be.

    I hope you don’t mind me joining in
    Sibyl X

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    1. So beautifully spoken Sibyl!!!

      Thank you!!!!


      1. You’re very welcome Bill

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    1. Thank you Tara!!!

      Love the imagery of the tide coming in…

      Lifting all.

      Really appreciate it!

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      1. Totally. (Of course, you know I have a kinship with the ocean!)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes!!

        So many thanks.

        Have a wonderful evening!

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