I Came Alive

Somewhere between,
The first time I consumed a pastel, swirling desert sunset,
And seeing you smile…

I finally understood beauty.

Somewhere between,
First inhaling the sweetness of orange blossoms,
Rich, bountiful,
And savoring the nectar of your lips,

I finally understood luxuriance.

Somewhere between,
Melting in the smolder of equatorial jungle,
And absorbing your hot, moist breath on my neck,

I finally understood sensuality.

Somewhere between,
The first time I looked deeply into your eyes,
And feeling forever in your gaze,

I finally knew love…

I finally tasted true romance…

I finally came alive.

© 2019 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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23 thoughts on “I Came Alive

  1. I need a standing ovation emoji for this one. Bill, you blew me away with this one. My heart is moved. 💝

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  2. the moments in between sensations, a pause to savour the next wave of emotion, that is how i read this, a love affair with words , exquisite Bill!

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    1. Yes…precisely.

      So many thanks Gina. So many thanks.

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  3. This is very poetic in nature, beautifully worded and yes very moving! you stole a piece of heart with this!

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    1. Tanya…your support and very kind comments are so meaningful to me.

      Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

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      1. It’s always my pleasure, you penned a very moving poem, it was hard not to comment!

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      2. So many thanks my friend. You’ve made my night!

        I appreciate your support!


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    1. Thank you Gianna. Really appreciate your thoughts!

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  4. Love it!! Wonderfully done Bill !


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  5. Bill! This is wonderful! I’m completely swept away. If this is drowning, well crash another wave over my head.

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    1. Thank you Tara!!!

      So glad you enjoyed it!

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  6. Wonderfully written, Bill! I like how you end each part of the poem coming to a beautiful conclusion of each newly discovered thing after each marvelous experience and awareness about beauty, luxuriance, sensuality, love and romance. All the words are perfectly combined and the repetition of the three words “I finally understood…” give great intensity to your piece. Bravo once more! It seems that beauty triggers the rest, just like my friend Mario Savioni writes when he presents his story between 54-year-old Frank and younger Nicole, a woman who is just 19. Frank, very much like the 1st person narrator of your poem feels attracted by physical beauty. That triggers in him feelings of lust (luxuriance and sensuality) although Frank and Nicole have not met in person. This happens also in chapter 8, which I strongly recommend to read: “His[Frank’s] unmet needs were defined as sex, but his attraction required someone beautiful.” Link: https://savioni.wordpress.com/2019/02/27/pickles-and-tarts-chapter-8/

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    1. So meaningful to me, Marta!! Thank you!! And, I just read Chapter 8. Mario is an excellent writer!!

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      1. Then tell him, please, leaving a comment on his chapter 8. He does not believe he is an excellent writer, just like you. It is like in that poem of yours “On The Other Side” with the mirror effect where the first narrator says:

        “In your visage…

        I see confidence,
        Where I had none.”

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      2. I will!! Thank you, Marta, for the insight and constant encouragement.

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      3. Always my pleasure.

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