What If I Told You… (Spoken Word Poetry)


Passion’s paisley swirls,
Silk, sensual ambers,
Amethyst’s amour,
Dreams delicate, embroidered,
My heart softly woven,
So deeply in you.

Yesterday fraught,
Fractured bruised, broken,
My life void of color,
Heart’s cloth torn asunder,
No respite, no reprieve,
An emptiness echoed.

But dawn now has come,
Daybreak’s endless new joy,
Gentle finger tip caress,
Merciful gathering my cloth,
You binding my wounds
In fabric of life.

Trussing my ache,
Healing my hurt,
Knowing my needs,

Your grace now my mending.

What if I told you,
My world  you’ve  restored?

What if I told you,
My failings you’ve soothed?

What if I told you,
My tomorrow, now clear?

Touch me again…
Sense my tapestry again…
Feel deeply my fabric…

And listen,

With your fingertips listen…

What if I told you…

I’ll love you forever?


© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

70 thoughts on “What If I Told You… (Spoken Word Poetry)

  1. one of my favourite things to do is feel the textures of fabric and the vibrations it produces, your poem today is smooth and delicate, like heated silk on a cool cheek, that’s how I feel as I read it. So full of life, a very special poem Bill.

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      1. it does very much. it is also the respect we give others that dictates this, we can never take back what we say or never say. i see how carefully you chose and place your poetic thoughts, you have that reverence to sacredness of words and its meaning. I hope I am making sense now!!

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      2. Oh…Gina…that makes complete sense to me. And, I’m honored to know that you appreciate my thoughts, and how I try to weave those words and senses together.

        You’ve made my night, my friend.

        So many thanks!

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      1. My pleasure!!

        Thanks so much and the feeling is mutual..

        Hope you’re having a great Friday evening!!!

        I’m hoping to get back into writing after the first of the year and hopefully get a chance to get out and take some pictures too.

        The flu hit my house over Christmas I never got it but everyone else did. They’re feeling better now .

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      2. Oh…I’m so sorry about the flu! Ugh.

        So much look forward to reading your words again, and seeing your images.

        Jamie. I suspect your family is enormously grateful to you for taking care of them during that difficult time. I suspect as well that you’ve given them a great gift in giving yourself to their recovery.

        That’s the good stuff my friend.

        That’s the good stuff.


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  2. Oh wow. Bill!! I’m just now seeing this piece and was instantly excited to see there was audio included! I’d never had the pleasure of hearing you speak before. So I listened and then I listened again. It’s deep, resonating and lovely. You have an incredible cadence and the recitation is immaculate!!!! It’s like a very romantic waltz.

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    1. That is so kind of you April!! When I first started writing, I approached the process with little understanding of my way ahead. Slowly, my style matured, and with it the recognition that I’m really a spoken word poet. Every time I write…I read, and re-read it aloud until I settle on the final product. Nothing about the verse has a sense of academic polish or training…it’s just the sound in my ear and image in my mind.

      Now, right or wrong, I’m beginning to sense the way ahead.

      Thanks for your encouragement!

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      1. That’s exactly how I write and how I recite. I have no traditional structure, and feel stifled/suffocated trying to adhere to pre-established literary devices. So both the reading, and the speaking, are a product of my organic self and internal creative process. It pours out and then I speak it, until it feels and sounds the way it inspired me. Until it has melody, and strength. When the sentiment soars – it’s ready. It’s so interesting how writers with adjacent techniques/approaches seem to gravitate to one another. All this being said – your reading is SPECTACULAR. I mean that sincerely. I could listen for ages. That’s a special quality! So be assured in that. 🙂

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      2. That is so interesting!! I think you are spot on… precisely the way I feel.

        Well, I guess we have no choice but to follow our instincts and let the words fall as they may…and savor the chance to write in this life. Yes?

        I really appreciate your comment on my spoken word efforts, April. Thank you my friend.

        Have a wonderful day! 😊

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    1. Thank you! She’s a marvelous writer, and a marvelous publishing editor and project manager. She’s guiding my eBook publishing project which will include spoken word poetry and a few other surprises. Love her style…and the recent collaboration on “Sea Glass” just happened spontaneously and naturally. Really quite unique and special. Look forward to more collaboration with her. She’s quite talented.

      Hope you have a wonderful evening!

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      1. She immediately struck me as passionate, honest, compelling, intellectual. These happen to be the qualities I value most in my fellow ladykind. So definitely – she houses something special. I can also see how quickly she identifies and nurtures talent, so you are blessed to have such an apt partner guiding you on your literary journey. Much love to you both!

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      2. I share your assessment of Gianna. Very special, creative leader and mentor. I am so confident in her talents to help me with this publishing challenge. Thank you for the comment!

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  3. You have this way of reeling your readers in with every word, Bill. It makes them feel as if you are talking directly to them. That’s an art, my friend. Really love this… the gradual progression of healing that is taking place in your heart and world and the promise of loving someone forever as the gift, a way to say thank you is just beautiful, Bill. Well done!

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    1. Oh…Brandi. So many thanks.

      I’m just now coming to realize that I’m really a spoken word writer. There’s no formalized structure to the stanzas and verbiage…it’s the tone and tempo…and the image. I have to read, and re-read each piece before I post it. Guess that should have been a clue to me early on. But…I’m a little slow. 🙂

      So for now, I’m continuing to explore past pieces, spoken…and in doing so…perhaps breath new life and imagery into the words. And, to my mind, shed a little more light on the path ahead for me, creatively.

      You, my friend, are very much appreciated. Your words are so meaningful and important to me.

      Thank you Brandi.

      Thank you.

      Have a wonderful evening!

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      1. Your spoken word is MAGNIFICENT. You FEEL what you write and you let it flow from within in you in the most authentic way. Sometimes the lightbulb comes on late for us! Lol. You’re at least realizing what works for you now and I think you may have found your niche: Spoken Word. So I say go for it and see where it takes you!

        I’m loving what you’re doing and I will always be here to encourage and support you, my dear friend! You inspire me and so many others and I want you to know that you have a loyal fan from me! (tips my foil hat)

        You are very welcome, Bill, and thank you for the lovely evening wishes! You have a glorious evening!

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      2. You, my dear friend, are smiles packed on top of MORE smiles! Always a pleasure chatting with you and an honor being your friend, Bill.

        Stay sweet and stay awesome! 😊


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