Upwelling (Spoken Word Poetry)


She sensed him, behind her,
She felt him move closer,
Brilliance, tingling,
As he lifted her hair.

His breath, slow and deepening,
His moisture, his murmur,
His whisper of purpose,
An urging, so clear.

Then hands on her hips,
Connecting, completely,
His cooing, “I love you,”
Caressing her ear.

She knew, in that moment,
The moment was changing,
A smoldering warmth,
A burning, becoming.

Flourishing, feelings,
Her head tilted more so,
Accepting, rich welcome,
A closeness, desired.

Journey, so certain,
His lips, pathway knowing,
Found home on her neck,
And soft sigh in her voice.

Upwelling, enhancing,
Flush skin, cheeks adorned,
She felt her pulse building,
A quickening inside.

And perfect,
Both knew, now, forever,
Their love richly woven,
So strong, so alive.

Β© 2019 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

40 thoughts on “Upwelling (Spoken Word Poetry)

    1. So very kind of you Mich!! This spring, I will release an eBook of my work with some of the spoken word poetry embedded. Once that’s done, maybe I should consider a more substantive writing effort. Yours is a wonderful idea!

      Really appreciate the encouragement!


      Liked by 1 person

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