Apprentice These Hands

Holding you tightly,
Embraced from behind,
My chest is your mantle,
Warmth, your silk scarf.

My arms draped around you,
So wanting to learn,
So hungering to hear,
So desiring…devoirs.

Your hands cradle mine,
Uplifting my palms,
Exposing their secrets,
Contemplative souls.

Each finger, a crescent,
Each crease has a past,
Each callous a story,
Life’s labor, each chapter.

Now draw up my palms,
So close to your murmurs,
Bath them in breath,
Your moisture, enrobing.

Each fingertip yearning,
Your teaching, your guidance,
Your passion, uncovered,
Your desires, discerned.

Take now, my hands,
Caress now, your cheeks,
Receive now, my heartbeat,
Chest rolfing your back.

Just whisper your longings,
Share all your secrets,
Reveal sweet romancing,
Apprentice these hands.



© 2019 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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