Your lumens painted morning for his eyes,
Tourmalines, tangerines, sapphires, and golds,
Splashed across a canvas of cotton clouds,
Piercing arrows of light.

He looked through you…seeing nothing.

Your love washed white sand beaches of his day,
Spilling cool, soothing his lips,
Respite cove, offering him peace.

Calloused, nonexistent spirit…lust for greed, his only feeling.

Your heart splayed diamonds across his evening sky,
Scintillations, pulsing,
Ink black of forever, filled, shiny dew drops of time.

Drink, his friends defined life…frostbitten, inferior view.

You gifted him your beauty.
You gifted him your grace.
You gifted him your love…

Dispassionate, indifferent,
He gifted in return


But in you…

I see a glow of morning light,
Pond side, mirror of surface reflecting your beauty,
Amethyst petals of iris, shimmering,
Crowning, impatient, verdant stalks,
Standing at attention, lining the shore,
Leaves tilting down, supplicating you.

I feel the silk of your seas,
Gentle surge, waves rolling upon me,
Washing away fear,
Cooling my anguish,
Bathing me,
Connecting me,
Infusing me, with you.

I stand in awe of your heavens,
Each star, blazing, brilliance,
Shouting with light years of joy,
For you,
For your elegance,
For your rectitude,
Your goodness
In this world.

His dispassionate indifference…

But now,
Before you…


Just me.

Proclaiming your righteousness,
Exquisite perfection.

Everything that makes this world…


You’re beautiful.

Accept not,
The indifferent.

Take me.
Accept me.
Love me…

The different.


© 2019 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

40 thoughts on “Indifferent…Different

  1. If “she” see’s the beauty of hers herself and what “she” was doing to herself in not seeing herself in the way “you” do “she” will take “you” … if “you” just offer your love. (That’s what came into my mind reading your poem … reflecting on “love”, and why we have the relationships we have and want to have and not dare to have or not want to have … ) … poetry (writing and/or reading) can be like Ariadne’s thread out of the labyrinth of ideas the self creates … That it is well written I do not have to tell you. The soul’s journey is wonderful, Bill. Always a pleasure to read your poems. Have a good time! Silvia

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I so much appreciate your thoughts and support Silvia. Means so much to me! And I agree with everything you said. Relations can be so strange and difficult to understand at times. Love your comment on Ariadne’s thread. That’s wonderful! You should write a poem about that theme! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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