In Lavender Fields… (Spoken Word Poetry)

I really appreciate several of you asking for me to read this.  It’s my pleasure.

Thank you!


Lie with me in lavender fields,
Amethyst sheets,
Our sensual robes.

Lie with me in lavender fields,
Beneath sapphire skies,
Brilliant blue of forever.

Lie with me in lavender fields,
Rosewater dew,
Moistening our lips.

Lie with me in lavender fields,
Coolness of dawn,
Our fire still burning.

Wrap your elegance
In me,
Beauty of the now,

Bathe your heart
In my touch,
Sensate pure passion.

Lie with me in lavender fields,
Fragrant grace of the morrow,

Our everlasting love.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

72 thoughts on “In Lavender Fields… (Spoken Word Poetry)

  1. Lavender is my favorite. I absolutely love it. I love the smell, the blooming flower, the medicinal properties of it…. so couple that with one of my favorite poets and Yep. This is so wonderful. Lovely, Bill. You brought a splash of gentle color to my dark soul today. I am grateful.

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    1. Gina, I so appreciate your thoughts. What a beautiful experience that would be, wouldn’t it? To lie down in a field of lavender with the one you love?


      Maybe it’s just me.

      Can’t help myself.


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      1. I can just imagine that, and especially when the sun warms the fields the slow release of fragrance is intoxicating and so seductive just like your words are. It brings two souls closer together. you have such a romantic heart. It is very beautiful.

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      2. I have never been in a lavender field, but you have now given me something to dream about. my pleasure Bill, let these thoughts keep you inspired to write your beautiful poetry, it has been such a privilege to find you and read your words. Be Blessed!

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    1. So many thanks Jamie.

      Can you imagine lying down in such a beautiful fragrant place? I just has this vision of a perfect world,,, and this place was it.

      Simple, pure, perfect.

      And hence…

      The words.

      Thanks for reading.


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    1. Thank you so much Dorothy! I really appreciate your kind words and willingness to let me explore this spoken poetry. I do enjoy it. Suspect I’ll keep rolling that into the mix every other day or so.

      I hope you have a wonderful and warm evening my friend!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. My pleasure Jamie! And, I’ll be reading the other selection you requested in the next few days.

      It’s an honor.

      Thank you for asking…and thank you for your very kind comments and encouragement!!

      🙂 !!

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