Waves And Warrens

Injurious fate,
Ruinous, raw luck,
All of me missing,
Connection, with you.

Years spent at sea,
Surrounded, near flooded,
Towering waves,
Obscuring my view.

So desperately seeking,
So longing, so wanting,
A glimpse of your shoreline,
Your landfall, to cling.

But immeasurable swells,
Building, concealing,
Obstructing my vision,
Our joining, denied.

Now so far from sea,
Metropolitan masses,
Searching same throngs,
An emptiness remains.

Each woman’s eyes,
So fleeting, disconnected,
Amplifies loneliness,
Languishing, and loss.

Nights in the city,
Realistically mimic,
Cacophonous waves,
My prospects, constrained.

Alleyway bodies,
Mazes, so twisting,
Temporal satisfaction,
Unfulfilling, depress.

Endless, urban warrens,
Entrapping, demeaning,
Like waves on the ocean,
Certainty, enshrouded.

But somehow, a mystery,
Dream now delivered,
I found a sure safety,
My angel, my love.

Through lifetime of waves,
City warrens, so gnarled,
I see my forever,
My one and only, revealed.

Clear now, horizons,
Eternity at hand,
Straight path laid before us,
Love no longer concealed.

ยฉ 2019 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

13 thoughts on “Waves And Warrens

  1. This is excellent! Really well written.

    And I’ve thought about which poem I would like you to do a reading of. Well.. Actually two I’ll let you pick which one and surprise me lol ! Its hard to choose because they’re both great!
    In Lavender fields or On The Crest of life’s wave

    You can read it at your convenience, no rush ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Liked by 1 person

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