Fire And Snow

Tears paint your cheeks,
Tiny rivulets of diamond emotions,
Exposed, tracing shimmers in sepia of dawn.

Night demons, yet tormenting you,
Mocking, with their cousins of past regret,
And future failures…

Each wanting to wound your heart.

So I hold you, now,
And protect you, now,
In the near darkness of morning,
Our family room, and fireplace,
Calling to us,
Whispering theirs is a world of peace,
And healing.

Plush sofa beneath us, a nest of rest and grace,
Cradles our bodies,
While I shoulder your burdens,
With my love.
Surety you sense,
Wrapped in my arms,
My heart, absorbing your tears.

Fireplace, lamp lighting our way forward,
Blaze dancing for us,
Auriferous ambers,
Reddish rich oranges,
Sapphire blues, and cloud whites,
Flames rhythmically swaying,
To music of pops, and crackles.

Intricate flagstones of hearth,
Providing the stage,
Unique, each shape and texture,
Suggesting separate stories,
And radiating welcome
From the flames.
Warmth of the fire, compounding our own,
As we rest in this fortress,
Shield from all coldness of life.

Blending with fire’s glow,
New day’s soft burnishing,
Lumens enhanced by reflections of gentle snowfall,
Framed by the window,
White quiet, silence, comforting,
Cloaking our moments, helping you heal.

Each flake, downy feathers,
Drifting from heavens,
Reminding us of grace,
Decorating us, with peace.

Demons of sadness, coveting their mystery and power,
Plaguing your past,
I cannot defeat.

But demons of the now,
And goblins of future failure,
I will slay for you.

Just stay with me…

Stay with me in this place,
Stay with my warmth,
Stay in my love,

Let me give you…

Fire and snow.

© 2019 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

28 thoughts on “Fire And Snow

  1. This poem, Bill… I feel so much of your soul in this one. When I read this poem I had to hold back a tear, because the compassion you show in this shines. A lot of people want the person in their best moments, but run when their demons come out to play. Yet, here in this poem, you are welcoming her demons to challenge you. You are ready to slay them, if it means that it will bring peace to her soul. That’s true love. Embracing the light with the dark and not running, but staying and fighting. This really touched me, my friend. A very beautiful poem.

    Liked by 1 person

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