Tasting Nuance Of Night

New moon swallowing,
Lumens consumed,
Our bedroom, a blackness,
No embers exposed.

Ink pitch of night,
Coating my eyelids,
Dreamful, lush landscapes,
Deep space, silence dwells.

Soft breeze paints my arm,
Your fingertips, brush strokes,
Pigment of warmth,
Your caress wakens me.

White sheets, slowly moving,
Leaving my torso,
Dream, or our bedroom?
I cannot discern.

Your passion now closer,
Clearly, our bedroom,
Spill of your curls,
Silk waves, undulation.

Imbuing arousal,
Your cheek on my shoulder,
Lush nakedness, shared,
Chest pressing my back.

Sensing, and cradled,
My physique fills your effort,
Your arm draping ’round me,
Hip clutched by your thigh.

Breathing, now building,
Rich undertones hearing,
Your unspoken language,
Thrill tingling my ear.

Jasmine, full blooming,
Your scent fills my body,
Sweetness infusing,
So natural, so pure.

Strength of a goddess,
My body, magic, twisting,
You turn me,
Embrace me,
Love’s breath spilling out.

Yet neither a shadow,
You gift to my eyes,
Lightlessness, exotic,
Obscuring my view.

Lips now exploring,
Sparking, phosphorescence,
Your nose grazes mine,
Our faces, so close.

Arms, fiercely holding,
Swaddled, you’ve bound me,
Your body, my clothing,
Our spirits, one soul.

My lips, willing prisoners,
Yours, locking, enchaining,
Our mouths join in darkness,
No words can we see.

Exploring and teasing,
Your tongue telling stories,
Flavors of forever,
Tasting nuance of night.

Β© 2019 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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