Sum Of Our Hearts

My life, Q.E.D,
Cold, clear conclusion,
Loneliness, the calculus
Defining my ache.

Lost, facts attest,
Variables of vacuum,
Proving, so surely,
My patterns of pain.

Straight line, my life,
From nowhere, to nowhere,
Never connecting,
Tangents teasing me so.

Fantasy, a function,
Mathematical magic,
Another dream dimension,
Heart longing to fill.

Emotional equations,
Complex integration,
Understanding heart’s volume,
My vessel of love.

Please help me, my teacher,
Soft touching, intersecting,
Tangents no longer,
Love’s equation now known.

Our variables added,
Multiplied pure passion,
Sensual, warm total,
Equals fire inside.

Non-linear, new love,
Exponential emotions,
Totality greater,
Than the sum of our hearts.

Β© 2019 W. C. Stacia, Jr.


Maybe we just need mathematics to explain complex longing and relationships. 😊

40 thoughts on “Sum Of Our Hearts

  1. This was so clever and creative. Love the use of math equations and terms to describe something as complex as love. Sometimes we just need that one person to help us figure out what we need to add, or subtract in our lives in order to multiply the happiness we so desperately want to divide and give to another soul. Beautifully written, my friend.

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    1. Thank you Brandi! I questioned putting something so important in the context of math…but I figured if I added the note at the end, it would make people smile.

      If only relationships were as simple as algebra…yes?


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      1. I think you did a fantastic job. The use of math in it really brought character to the poem. And referring to your love as the “teacher”… it’s as if her presence in your life is helping you make sense of what’s important. All that was confusing about love seems to make more sense with that special person around to help us understand it. And yes, the last line you added definitely brought a nice smile to people’s faces, I’m sure.

        Oh yes… if only relationships were that simple. Lol.

        You’re very welcome, my friend! Reading your words is always a pleasure. πŸ™‚

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      2. Oh…thank you so much Brandi. I was particularly fond of the “teacher” reference. Yes, it’s her presence that helps make sense of the madness…mathematical or not.

        And yes…if only relationships were that simple.

        You make me smile…as always.

        Thank you my friend.

        πŸ™‚ !!

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      1. You’re killin’ me with the math verbiage! πŸ™‚

        “Was that only “added,” or “multiplied”?

        Ok….I’ll stop. You make me smile…you know that. Right?


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      1. Still beautiful! ☺ You show that love is the moving force that can help parallel lines meet. πŸ’ž Can I be honest with you, though? Although my parents are engineers, I had to Google the meaning of QED… 😊

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