Safety Of Your Harbor

Emotions, thrashed…

My soul,
Torn and twisted.

Beaten, bloodied,
Fraught from fierce pain.

Life’s steel, wrenched,
Castaway, wandering,
Unknowing, unseeing,
Just searching for love.

Thunder, gale forces,
Damning high waters,
And storms,
And unforeseen failures…

I plead,
And I yearn,
Your arms, to arrive.

My composure, my armor,
Stalwart, courageous,
But life’s howling winds,
Have vanquished my strength.

I just need to hold you…

I just need to feel you…

I just need to know,
That you’ll cradle my heart.

So through this strong storm now,
Your light, brightly burning,
To guide me, to save me,
To bring certain grace.

Your innermost courage,
Your strength and resilience,
Your power, so perfect,
Sure shield for me now.

All that I ask for,
All that I long for,
Is simple, pure touch,
Pristine and redeemed.

My body beholden,
My life now committed,
Your harbor,
My safety…

And home,

Final rest.

© 2019 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

25 thoughts on “Safety Of Your Harbor

  1. Knowing that someone is there by our side fighting through the storms with us is one of the best feelings in the world. But to find a home, a resting place, in someone’s heart… Priceless. This is really beautiful, Bill. Loved it.

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