The Weight Of These Tears

Leaden tears spilling,
Eruptions, my anguish,
Molten, upwelling,
Pushed deep from within.

Tracks coursing, slowly,
My cheeks full of furrows,
Rivulets, weighty,
Heaviness of hurt.

Pressing my flesh,
Syrupy, poison,
Trails tracing memories,
Flooded with pain.

Distant dreams, boxed,
Shelved now forever,
Once was my future,
But never, to be.

Yet in this dark moment,
Whispers, angelic,
I feel your compassion,
My heart hears your love.

Surety, safety,
Your grace is my future,
Newness of life,
By your gentle touch.

Sensing your saving,
Your finger tip tracing,
Tracks on my cheeks,
Your heart, now absorbing.

Life’s burdens, dense strain,
You shoulder, enduring,
Lifting my life and
The weight of these tears.

ยฉ 2019 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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