Shards of Desolation

Each tentative step taken,
Hot horizon so barren,
For years I walked, longing…

Loneliness cutting,
Like glass ‘neath my feet.

Strewn out before me,
Fragments of anguish,
Mocking and glistening…

Serrated and broken,
My spirit to wound.

Each edge of emptiness,
Confidence, slashing,
Steps piercing my courage…

Bleeding my emotions,
And will to go onward.

But with new day’s dawn,
Cradled and cherished,
You’ve lifted me upward…

Razor-sharp longing,
Obstruction no more.

Caring, verdant carpet,
Your love healing, cushions,
My burden you shoulder…

Elysian Fields,
My way now so soft.

Unworthy of elegance,
Unworthy of beauty,
Unworthy of commitment…

Yet gracefully gifted,
You mending my heart.

Nurturing, tranquil,
Love bathing my sorrow,
Your touch deeply healing…

Oasis of forever,
You’ve taken me there.

Interlocked now,
Our hearts bound, pure purpose,
Your life now I follow…

Shards long forgotten,
Desolation deposed.

© 2019 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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