A Melting Of Oils

Cold winter’s night,
Harsh damning dryness,
Air rasping, abrading,
Your silk skin at risk.

Gorgeous and sculpted,
Your shoulders so needing,
That one special spot,
Eluding your reach.

Succulent moisture,
Cool saving salve,
Your back crying out,
Relief to provide.

Now there just before me,
You stand in our bathroom,
Facing your mirror,
Reflecting your grace.

Supple, real, woman,
Unaware of your beauty,
So needing my fingers,
Your back to anoint.

Your hands now with mission,
Your mane to corral,
Soft spilling curl,
Averse to restraint.

But gather you do,
Your neck now exposed,
Your back whispers to me,
Beckoning for balm.

The tropics you dream of,
Your wish is my duty,
Fragrant coconut oil,
My hands now possess.

With one simple touch,
You feel a brief brilliance,
My finger tips conveying
Much more than just oil.

North Shore, Oahu,
Hawaii you know,
My finger tips taking you
There once again.

Stepping closer to you,
My warmth now arousing,
Your mind wanders elsewhere,
Goose bumps on your skin.

Floral, freshening breeze,
Caresses your body,
My hands now completely,
Attend to your back.

Waves wash the beaches,
Sweet saltiness lingers,
Conjoined with the coconut,
All sensed by your soul.

Your back now massaged,
Oil soothing, and glossy,
We walk on white sands,
Kindled heat now we feel.

I move all the closer,
Our hips nearly touching,
A melting of oils,
Not just on your back.

My hands on your shoulders,
Your head tilting, offers,
My moist breath awakening,
Next dreams to propose.

Β© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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