Smoldering warmth,
Hushed hues of passion,
Your moist waves of breath
Flooding my nakedness,
My body begging for more.


Never-ending softness,
You unclothed chest,
Supple silk,
Infused in mine,
Testament to forever fire,
My body begging for more.


Our lips,
Silent language spoken,
Immutable message conveyed,
My body begging for more,

Your heart, giving freely.

A pure perfect pact,

Visions of what could be,

Kaleidoscope of future
Rich in the possible,
All within our grasp.

Yet beyond the now,
Nothing is certain…

We understand.

But each determined step,

Each deep, nurturing breath,

Each gaze down horizon’s path,

For this chance at endless love…

We cast our lots,
For one another.

Nothing rushed.

Just this moment,
Our arms intertwined.

Neither fast,
Nor expedient.

Our path will be
Laid bare and sure.

Time will make all things clear.

We just need to go…


© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

21 thoughts on “Go…Slow

      1. This brings to mind Georgia O’Keefe and what she said about flowers…that no one really sees a flower because it takes such time to do so. Your thoughts are a warm reflection of that. There is such beauty to be found in a slow way.

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