Sculpt Me

Near darkness,
Our bedroom,

But our bodies,
Radiant lights,
Shining purely,

My tightly bound layers,
You see,
Rusted weight of chains,
Strain of heavy burden…

Pains of past,
Depth of emptiness
Swallowing my all…

Consuming the man,
I am meant to be.

So needing your whisper,

So needing your healing,

So needing your touch…

My love,

Gently lift each layer,
Unshackle my chained heart,
Help me to put down
My heavy load.

Take me.
Shape me.

Rest your silk-soft hands,
My body begging
To be made whole.

Trace my chest,
Rivulets of life,
Each fingertip,
Traversing my depth,

Peaks and valleys,
Musculature your path,
Our journey to other worlds,

Rest your beating heart,
The satin of your chest,
Bare and lush,
On mine.

A cadence of richness,
Your beats,
Building upon,
My beats.

The plush of your smoothness,
Enjoining my need.

Guide now your spirit
To mine,
Naked in our purity,
Pressed against life’s storm,

Take me,
Caress my mind with your light,
Show me our forever.

Make me the man
You desire.

Make me the man
I can only be with you…

Take me.

Shape me.

Sculpt me,
Into the man I long to be.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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