No words needed,
My love.

Speak with your eyes…

Rich, moist, evocative story.

Speak with your eyes…

Tell me of miles.

Miles of alabaster sand beach,
Brilliant, blaze of sun,
Brandishing sapphire sky,
Froth of tumbled waves.

Tell me of early winter morn.

Sister Venus, stage-lit December sky,
Diamond frost, morning’s rich raiment,
Ink of darkness, fast fading night,
Enrobing a comfort.

Tell me of your skin’s satin caress.

Silken luxury,
Defining my world,
Sensual spice, flavoring my moment,
Satiating my hunger.

Tell me of forever.

Years of my life,
Enjoined with yours,
Palette of commitment,
Painted in our vows.

Just lean in,

Draw me to you.

Put your lips close to my ear.

Breathe your heat on me.

Whisper your story.


Speak to me.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

19 thoughts on “Speak…

  1. such is the language of love, it does not need words, a look , a brief touch bonds the two closer than ever, every line drips with joy of a reunion at day’s end. beautiful Bill, so very beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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