Emptiness Filled…



And cutting,

Emptiness damning
Façade now my world,

Loneliness swirling,
Mirage of forever,

Tortuous teasing
Love just beyond reach.

Heart barely beating,
Life outward bleeding,

Simply your grace,
My rescue assured.

Dreams only fulfilled,
When I finally can hold you.

Forever defined,
Our passion full bloom.

Longing to be yours,
Begging to love you,

Emptiness filled…

When we finally are one.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

63 thoughts on “Emptiness Filled…

      1. My pleasure!!

        It is cold.. The sun was out earlier today, so that was nice! And I’m glad you’re having a nice evening!! Now you can relax right?!

        Thanks! I’m excited that tomorrow is Friday!!! 😊

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      2. Yes, my friend…now I can think, and write a little. That is the gift I give to myself at the end of the day. My way to disconnect from the stress of the work week.

        And YES!! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!

        There’s nobody better than me at lovin’ Fridays. Nobody! 🙂

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      1. Oh…sigh. Now I really won’t be able to get anything done tonight Mamen! 🙂

        Difficult to focus from this point forward. Now, I’ll be worthless for the rest of the night!

        🙂 !

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      1. Perhaps, all we can write is what comes to mind at the time. And, if we remain open to new thoughts and new feelings, then, we can seize that muse when the moment strikes. Yes?


      2. Yes. I AM a romantic but not in the generally understood sense. I live, deeply, other people. But the other is not something that I relate to much

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    1. Agree, this poem of yours just especially spoke to me. I don’t know why, it is all so subjective. I mean the way we receive a poem is so related to a given life stage of ours, to any special experience, and to a given state of mind, body and soul. I especially love these lines:

      “Loneliness swirling,
      Mirage of forever,

      Tortuous teasing
      Love just beyond reach.”

      It looks as if you had taken inspiration from Mario Savioni’s last poem in Blue Emptiness:

      “Keen eye,
      majestic interlude,
      beginning of space
      into a journey.
      Clouds rise,
      like steam from a cup.
      The edge of land
      seems like a thin layer
      against the rest of it.
      It is space.
      It is his humble boat
      in the water
      moving down stream and away.

      Spinning in the current,
      He swirls in blue emptiness.”

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      1. Thank you Marta! I agree with you. It is strange…I can write something feeling a certain way…then come back to it in different circumstances and hear the words in an altogether dissimilar way.

        Love Mario’s piece…though I had not gotten to that very last page. Quite nice work…and, I love how he intersperses poetry in a more narrative style. Very creative! So many thanks for pointing out his work!

        Hope you have a wonderful evening my friend!

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      2. You are welcome. So glad you like Mario’s work and point out his creativity. You are also very creative. By reading his book you will already have seen Mario deals with 5 topics in his writing that constantly interrelate. These are: the undermined role of the artist-writer in the capitalist world, the question of America’s identity, the world’s general social injustice, the situation of a mother losing self-governance and, lastly, the one topic you both have very much in common with: the question of love and passion, too often unrequited, unfullfilled and, therefore, a series of fleeting moments and memories. It is amazing what you are able to craft just with that single topic, Bill. You write tons of poems about it and I never get tired of reading them. What a marvelous acomplishment! Wish you a lovely day, my friend!

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      3. Thank you for the wonderful background…and Marta…it makes me so happy to know that my efforts please you. That is so very kind of you to say.

        I hope you have a wonderful day my friend!!


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