Stars Our Beautiful Bridge

Dawn softly rustling,
Nature struggling to wake,
My day,
In automatic proceeds.

Rich henna of darkness,
Hushed colors muted
Browns and blue-blacks,
Night’s persona persists.

Water colors of coolness,
Damp dew on my skin,
New winter’s clear presence
And whispers of strength.

Hesitating now,
Car nearly loaded,
Drive-to-work doldrums
Mundane my life soon.

But for reasons unknown,

I stop…

And gaze skyward,
Some faraway forces,
Guiding my eyes.

And there…

Slim crescent Moon
Mother of pearl smiles,
Whispering sweet love notes
To me.

Bright shining Venus,
Moon’s little sister,
Shouts for attention,
Sibling rivalry clear.

My eyes now wide open,
My heart fully flushing,
More celestial families
Bright greetings of love.

Banishing darkness,

Filling my emptiness,

Yearning face skyward,
Now sensing,
Now knowing,
The urging…

It’s you.

Your love the urging
For me to look skyward,
To see the same jewels,
Vivid heavens above.

Though many miles distant,
Awash in this moment,
Sister Moon,
And Miss Venus
Both of us see.

With me in spirit,
Warmth of your body,
I feel you so close,
As if you were here.

Bestowing your beauty,
Cradling my spirit,
Gentleness manifest
Across many miles.

Sister Moon and Miss Venus,
On both of us smile,
Showering light’s blessing,
Aware of our love.

But across untold distance,
Our spirits now mingled,
Our bodies now joined,
Together we are.

Celestial magic,
Brings us together,
Feeling you here,
Connection complete.

Stars now our saviors,
Separation defeated.
Stars now our beautiful bridge,
To forever.


© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

37 thoughts on “Stars Our Beautiful Bridge

  1. I am in awe of this poem, my friend. The way you personify the Moon and Venus as siblings in rivalry, as if competing for your attention and praise, is brilliant. But using the stars and all the celestial wonders above as a sort of guide that brings you closer and closer to that love so far away from you is just beautiful. I can almost see the stars twinkling as you gaze upon them and imagine that they are your connection to someone you long to be with. What a beautiful poem, Bill! One of your best!

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    1. Oh…Brandi…your words personify perfectly my thoughts. Have you ever thought there was that special someone, in the same night moment as you, seeing similar heavens? There is a bridging there…is that right? Magical and hard to define, but there nonetheless.

      At least, that’s what I believe.

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      1. What you say makes perfect sense and it’s a thought that used to cross my mind a lot. Wondering if the person meant for me is out there seeing the same sky, the same beauty, that I see. There’s this sense of connection, even though that person is far away and you haven’t met them, yet. You just hope that, in some way, those stars are a path to them and that one day, you will be united with that person. So… yeah… I totally get you. It’s the hopeless romantic in me. I still have those thoughts and still hope that person is out there… somewhere. lol 🙂

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      2. You are very kind, Bill. I always appreciate the encouragement you give and know that I truly value your friendship, my friend. 🙂

        You have a beautiful night and stay inspired with those stars. I’m sure they will lead you to that special someone soon! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! 🤞

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  2. one of the wonders of life is that we share the same sky, we see the moon from our different corners of the world. your poem resonated deeply with me, when I worked away from home and missed my kids I’d text them and we would look up at the same sky, they were young and could relate to a cartoon they had watched about families apart but sharing this moment. And you did just that, shared a moment, captured a second of beauty before it dissolved. you are truly a skillful poet, when you make words become emotions. thank you for a glimpse of your stunning view and thoughts, very uplifting! the universe connects us only if we allow it too. ok I shall stop now!!!

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    1. Gina…


      You’ve connected so deeply and perfectly with the thoughts and words in my heart. Halfway around this planet Earth, I sense and connect with you. That’s the magic…isn’t it? The heavens provide such a magical bridge across the miles.

      You, my friend, have made my night. And though I cannot yet see you Sun, I long to feel its warmth tomorrow.

      Have a wonderful and beautiful day.


      1. And I hope my Sun will journey safe and steady to greet you warmly in your hemisphere tomorrow as you open your eyes to her beauty.

        Indeed words, honest, sincere words from the heart connect and create strong bonds, as humans we thrive on these.

        I am happy to receive the magic of your words across the miles.

        A sweet night my friend, may you rest well

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  3. Love this one! You captured the beauty of the night/early morning sky perfectly. You painted a wonderful scene with you’re words. And the human element of this one is great too. I can imagine all the people from all over looking up at the sky seeing the same beautiful scene unfold..

    Just perfect!!!


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  4. Gorgeous write. What’s cool is that just ummm yesterday (morning) I went out to start the car on this 24* morning and defrost the windows. I suddenly felt this urge to look up and over and lo there they were, as you describe them! The sliver of a moon and bright ‘star’ nearby.

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