Gaze Deeply In Me

Peel back my facade,
Emotional lacquer,
Shell shielding my heart.

Deeper discernment,
Layer by layer,
Peel back what you see.

Faux strength
On the outside,
False happiness shimmers,

But inside an emptiness,
Longing for love.

Now down to my center,
Core of my heartache,
You see the real man…

Who is lost,
Who is lonely,
Who is longing
And hurting,

In search of forever…

So needing an epilogue,
Written for life.

Certain commitment,
Willingly spoken,
Such joy
If answered alike
In return.

This man that I am,
Is the man that you need,
My prayer at the end
Of the day.

Just look on the inside,
Feel my heart beating,
See a sure partner,
Lush consummate love,

When you peel back my layers…

Truth now transparent

Gaze deeply,

So deeply in me.

Β© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

47 thoughts on “Gaze Deeply In Me

  1. I love the sincerity that comes from these words. It’s as if it’s truly important to you that the special lady see just how much you care for and love her. How much you want to make her happy and just be that man she needs. Such a beautifully written poem, Bill. I always love the truth you paint your words with because it’s purely from the heart. πŸ™‚

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      1. Sure, I will! What makes this journey rewarding is I get to spend time with my ailing mother, pity is she lives alone and I get to see her in years. Most of the time in Ct I’m thinking about her, though I carry a sense of humour but in my heart it’s always her health and loneliness!

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  2. to open our hearts so honestly is to allow so much pain in yet I strongly believe a heart that doesn’t will never find their true love or love themselves wholly. your writing informs me of a very sincere heart reaching out with much goodness in it, wanting to love as much as be loved. tender writing, well done Bill!

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  3. Layers and layers of lacquer make a piece shiny, colorful and protected. They also hide the beauty of the true grain beneath it all, mahogany or pine or maple. It takes time to get back to the real of them but it’s worth it. This is a beautiful share not to be read quickly.

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