All-powerful greys,
Iron of fatigue,
Night now near.

Accomplishments and failures,
Echoes of my day,
Sunset denied,
Richness of rest,
So desperately needed.

My moment now here,

Day’s duty done,

And a vision of you,
Your grace filling me,
Your heart filling mine.

Opalescence and radiance,
Pastels of your skin,

Tawny waves spill on me,
Gentle swells of your hair,

Rich rouge sparking fire,
Lush touch of your lips,

The palette of you…
My sunset replaced,
My dreams now renewed.

Lifting fatigue,
Lifting grey clouds
Oasis of love,
My mind now fulfilled,
Your beauty sustaining.

So close.

So perfect,

Lead me to rest.

My work now complete,
Enjoined with your love,

All right with my world,

Holding my life,

A peace now in me,

Resplendent deep warmth,

Fulfilling respite.


© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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