The Wounded Perfect Life

Untoward moments
Scars ripped,
Signs of real.

Past pain,
Straining stains
Physical failure
Stories of seminal


No longer perfect.

Glamor gone.

Sadness of reality,
Ruddy renting of skin,
Now the norm,

Coursing serpentine,
Flesh ironed smooth,
Multicolored gloom,
Blues, purples,

Past joy of youth
Now empty,
Body frail,

But then,


Lighting grace.

Lighting paths,
Lighting homecoming,
Tomorrow now new.

My broken body healed,
Glorious in your eyes.

In your hands,
In your touch,
My heart repaired,
Ever living.

For in your compassion,

Scars uplifted,
Frailty and faults,

Bloom of life,
Lush love,
Complete commitment…

Your portrait,
Now me,

Brush strokes forever

Of the wanted,

Of the wounded…

Perfect life.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

45 thoughts on “The Wounded Perfect Life

      1. I received a comment that my work made me seem like an angry person. That’s why I asked. The person later commented, after I stated that I wasn’t mad/angry, that maybe it was hard to tell with texts.

        I just wanted to see if anyone read that into my work.
        Thank you

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      2. Hmmmm…I didn’t sense that at all Dorothy. Your points were spot on. We need to let the Father direct us…period.

        Personally, I so much love your notes and guidance. You help me stay centered!!!

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    1. Oh…Brandi…that is exactly the notion I had in mind. But you nailed it with the wilted flower so desperately needing water; I hadn’t thought of it that way…but it’s spot on! Thank you my friend!!

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      1. You captured it just right…and if you’re ever looking for a topic… write about that one! I’m so sure you would craft a gem.

        I am having a nice evening, but it will be better when I’m done with my company work. Not long now.

        I wish the same for you!


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  1. i like this, how scars are uplifted into something beautiful, and the bruises are like a palette of victory on the skin, gentle fingers touch and heal the hurts. you create a moment where the outside world ceases to exist and it is just these two souls who define the most beautiful healing by being broken yet accepted wholly.

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