Romancing My Mind

Florid rich words
My eyes hungry still,
Wanting of fill,
Gorge on your verse
Each letter,
So soft.

Sensuous syllables,
Crafted by you,
Argentine murmurs,
Released from your heart,
Delivered so supple,
Just drip down on me…




Twisting rivulets formed by
Gentle moist meanings,
Now gracing my cheek,
Your beauty defined.

Such a purposeful pen,
Love glimpses released,
Evocative thoughts,
Relishing lush tease,
Now filling my soul.

Whispers, your message
Caressing my heart,
Not here in my arms
So distant,
So rare,
You reach me regardless…

Romancing my mind.


© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

36 thoughts on “Romancing My Mind

  1. This is so gorgeous…. and it says so well what I alluded to about wanting ‘someone’ to “write about me”. I love love love reading someone’s words (no matter who they are written about… maybe even no real person) and putting myself in them. I think it’s a good writer who can do that, make the reader feel as if it’s just for them. Just such a gorgeous poem, Bill.

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