So Needing Your Softness…

Blue-green oceans,
My enveloping world,
Vacuous horizons
And ink black of night,
No sense of safe rest,
But constancy of risk.

Towering walls
Abounding each swell,
Omniscient sea power,
Probing my soul,
So knowing each seam
In my strength.

But yet this man journeyed,
Straddling boundaries
Of wave and wind,
Each crest sharply shorn
By scythe of great gale,
Heaving decks an all present echo.

Ripping and tearing too,
At my mind and frail body,
Ceaseless wild mistral,
Blaze of bright sun,
Blast of salt spray,

So chiseling and cold,

My face no longer young.

But now in new years,
Safe harbor so present,

My armor still tempered,
Great girding of nerves,
And hardened brute soul,


Of love.

So realize me now,
Your Sailor,

Heart hatches yet battened,
Long voyage complete,

Just craving your touch,
Just craving your warmth,
Just craving your grace,

So needing your softness…

To smooth my hard edges.


© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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55 thoughts on “So Needing Your Softness…

  1. The seaman analogy, the contract of hard and soft, genius. Sheer genius. Brilliant work.

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    1. Sigh…so many thanks Dorothy.

      So many thanks.

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      1. I spent so much time at sea…it’s a tough adjustment to come ashore.


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      2. I can’t begin to imagine the struggle you’ve endured to gradually transition. Patience was keep I’m sure.❤

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      3. Precisely…shifting from one world to another. But therein lying some of the beauty and richness of life!!!

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      4. I’m glad that made sense…it’s a strange existence.

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    1. I’m so glad that it resonated with your Jamie.

      That was my life…and I’m thinking more about that lately.

      Sorry…it’s just me.

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      1. Maybe you’ll be able to turn those experiences into a book one of these days.

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      2. Well, that’s so kind and generous of you Jamie. Of note, I am in the process for publishing.

        We’ll see what happens, but I am so glad you enjoyed being underway, at sea with me!!!

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      3. Congratulations!! And good luck!

        And I do really enjoy reading these!!

        😊 !

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      4. Yes, waiting for your book, Bill! This poem is very eloquent and, as always, beautifully written and emotionally vibrant. I like your rich imagery of nature: the oceans, horizons, black night), and how all these elements are connected to the present feelings of loneliness and emptiness of the human soul in the first two stanzas.

        The third stanza starts with a retrospective look into the life journey taken till the current situation. Also, I like how you present the wildness of nature’s elements like the wind, the sun and the “blast of salt spray” as metaphors for the scarred lonely soul. They are seen as the obstacles the sailor has gone go through and will have to continue fighting. The sailor metaphor is lovely.

        I think this poem has two main bams or loud thuds that you have brilliantly used to create greater strength. The first bam comes with this line:

        “My face no longer young.”

        This is the sheer realisation of the passing of time, where the first person narrator wants nothing other than to love and be loved.

        The next coming lines present many contrasts, which I believe makes your poem very vivid and powerful: “safe harbor”, “armor still tempered” as opposed to “hardened brute soul” and the three un-words (unwelcome,
        unneeded and unworthy of love).

        Finally, the last lines are a cry for the unrealised sailor to be heard, loved back and needed, where the title of the poem is explained: softness against hard edges.

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      5. Wow… Marta! Thank you so much for your thoughts and analysis!!! That is so incredibly kind of you to invest your precious time to do so. It means so much to me that my words are worthy and meaningful to you.

        I am so grateful my friend!

        Have a wonderful day!!!!!!

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      6. Well, Bill, you know how fond I am of your poetry, so it is always a pleasure. This time I have seen again the connection between your work and Mario Savioni’s, especially in Blue Emptiness. You both obviously have different writing styles, but deal with loneliness, emptiness and unrequieted love in a quite similar way. Have you noticed that?

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      7. Thank you Marta!!! I’m so glad!!! And I have noticed the similarity with Mario’s work (I’m about halfway through). Those subjects, to me, are quite powerful, and great grist for writing. For me, it’s so easy to feel those emotions, and then, the words just beg to be set free. Hope that makes sense.

        Must be getting late in the afternoon there. I hope you have a wonderful evening!


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      8. I am also glad Mario’s work speaks to you as it speaks to me. “To feel these emotions”, yes, that is exactly the effect any writer would wish. You too have a wonderful evening! 😊

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  2. a weathered seaman, so brave, so strong, coming home, wanting softness to greet and comfort him, such an exquisite use of words and phrases. so good Bill, well done!

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    1. Thank you Gina!! Over the past few days….I’ve been reflecting on my time at sea, and the rich memories imbued by those years.

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed it!!

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      1. I am enjoying these reflections of yours. I loved my dad’s stories of his time away and having lived on an island and on boats for a few years the sea is part of me always. So your words resonate deeply with me.

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      2. That is very, very special to me Gina.

        There is such a rich tapestry woven into life by the sea.

        I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

        And, I wish for you a rich and wonderful weekend!!

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      3. life by the sea prepares you for the bigger events in life and also the kind delicate consideration of smaller values. I see that in your writing, and appreciate your sensitivity. good weekend to you too, hope you thanksgiving was good too.

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      4. So glad…and I’m so glad that it was meaningful to you!!

        My Thanksgiving was good, and I’m looking forward to a good weekend. It’s about 30 deg F here in Washington, DC!!

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      5. Oh wow! and to get colder I suspect. I am a little concerned I may not be able to tolerate the cold when I visit in January. Though i talk bravely about snow and all that the real chill could be something so very different. Enjoy being warm though!!

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      6. Yes!! Where will you visit in January?

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      7. mainly New Jersey and New York and travel through D.C

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      8. So that’s where I live in the DC area!

        I wish you safe and warm travels!!

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      9. lovely! I am not too familiar with the East Coast, having spent more time in Vegas and San Francisco. so quite excited to explore and see the Big Apple. thank you!

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      10. All the best in your travels, and I’d love to cross paths here should you feel so inclined.

        Just let me know….

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      11. i appreciate your wishes very much.

        yes who knows how fates align, you could show me your best coffee place, assuming you like coffee!

        will surely keep in touch once plans are more fixed. such a sweet gesture, thank you


  3. Maravillosa forma de ver tu vida en el mar con sus contrastes de dureza y suavidad… Tanto amor ansías… Me encantó😊💓


  4. I so love that you’re bringing your Naval experience to your poetry. All that time spent out in a place so far from the warmth of loving arms is conveyed in this. It’s like you’re saying you know you’ve been away fighting many obstacles, but you’re coming home and you just want to be comforted by that soft touch from a hard life at sea. Really well done!

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    1. That is exactly right my friend…exactly right!

      So many thanks!

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      1. You are very welcome, my friend!

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  5. The whole imagery of seal, sailor and an aging warrior waiting for the love of his life, beautiful. You can actually transform it into a novel. Although I am not very fond of romance and often fail versing them, you are a master, and have rekindled love for this genre!

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    1. So many thanks! And I’m glad I’ve got your interest!

      Maybe I should turn it into a novel! But, where would I find the time. Sigh….

      I very much appreciate your suggestion nonetheless!

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      1. I totally get the inadequacy of time. It’s stellar 🙏

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      2. Someday…we’ll have more…won’t we?

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      3. Polishing requires time and patience. It’s all about that moment where you elevate an art to level where it deserves and serve it to your readers an experience, pure finesse! You have the valor of a sailor, patience of your age and skill of an emotive writer!! Your inspirational muse will guide your through the Herculean mountains and valley of formidable time and you will find seek it! How? Art will find its way through you and cascade!

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      4. Oh…Tanya…I so much appreciate your words. You’ve made me feel so special.

        So many thanks.

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  6. Oh, I like this one very much! Composed just so. Beautifully written. 😊

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    1. I really appreciate it Suzanne! So glad you enjoyed this piece!

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