Just A Reminder…

Grey dawn oaken sentinels
Fleeting past my eyes,

Driving to humdrum
Incessant work,
Numb to beauty
Life desperately
Wanting to share.

Rustic bark,
Trunks so singular,
Branch hands,
Lifting skyward,
This sullen
Still dark November morn.

Preceding verdant regalia
Sentinels’ garments,
Now forgotten,
Strewn in decaying chesnut
At their feet,

And as with my heart,

Voids now
Enrobing those oaken guards,
All at loose-lined attention
Guarding my journey
To dank fatigue,
And pressure-filled life.

But Nature’s grace,
Sensing my emptiness,
Prompt orders given
Oaken sentinels part,
Granting me vision
Of new naked horizon,

And there,
Rise of the majestic sun.

Marigold ambers,
Rouge silks,
Coronation magentas,

Splashed in perfect patterns,
God-only brushstrokes,
So beautifully with turquoise,
Night sky giving way to dawn.

Breathtaking beauty,
Demanding my attention,
Lifting the lackluster,
Voids now filled,

Radiating brilliance of life,
Salience and splendor arrayed,
Reminding me,

Of you.

My dawn now glorified
Peace now
Enrobing me,

Remembering the beauty,
Remembering the meaningful,
Remembering where
My life should focus.

Just a reminder of gentle glory,
The depth of true love,
And the gracious gift of God’s eternity.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

My friends, on this Thanksgiving Day, I want to tell you clearly how much your interest and encouragement mean to me. Of all the things in my life for which I’m thankful, your support and investment of your precious time to read my words are exceptionally important. Know that I am so thankful for you.

All my best,

23 thoughts on “Just A Reminder…

  1. Your descriptions of nature in this particular poem are marvelous, Bill. You have great observation for details. Everything is perfectly connected with the thoughts and feelings of the first person narrator. We do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Catalonia, but I know about this and like it. I hope you had wonderful day.

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    1. I really appreciate your thoughts Marta! Thank you for the compliment! When I wrote that, I was thinking about my drive early in the morning down the George Washington Parkway to the Pentagon. The Parkway skirts the Potomac river and large stands of (now barren) oak trees line that road which slopes from a bluff down toward the river’s edge. The road curves at one point and the trees no longer shroud your view, and that’s when I have a chance to see the sun rising!

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    1. So…Tara…do you know how many times that you make me smile?! Well, it’s a lot (and sometimes you make me blush…but you know that as well…and I love that!!)

      Thank you my friend.


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  2. Magnificent poem, the vocabulary, the nature imagery , spot on!
    Thank you Bill for sharing such beautiful poems with us your readers.
    You are a great poet and one of my very favorites here!!

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