My Nearly Pyrrhic Promise…

Drawn through briars
Of a tangled,
Lovelorn life,

The grey-brown sharpness,
Serpentine vines
Fangs and spines,
Eviscerated my hope.

True love surely somewhere,
Beyond the twisted jungle
Strangling my heart.

Dank, humid loneliness,
Thickened memories
Of empty dreams,
Choking my spirit.

But earnest
Urge to love,

And fierce
Urge to be loved,

Tore at
The knotted desolation
Snarling my journey,

Ceaseless courage
Coursing through
My spirit,

Dwelling only on
The chance fortune
To touch your lips,

To secure my forever,
To find my certainty,

So sure
That there
Was a “you”

Only for me.

Now scarred,
Battered and bleeding,

I rest
In the sanctuary
And honor
Of your grace,

Having fought the good fight,

Having secured a glorious forever,

Having kept
My nearly Pyrrhic promise…

To find you.

Β© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

31 thoughts on “My Nearly Pyrrhic Promise…

  1. The amazing effect of this poem caused the following:

    I started packing, readying for a trip. The dog was watching.

    Dog: what are you doing?
    Me: packing! What else!
    Dog: why?
    Me: going to DC!
    Dog: why?
    Me: to find β€˜her’
    Dog: who’s…’her’?
    Me: Bill’s amazing gentle love.
    Dog: am I coming too?!!


    Me:..No. I have never met Bill!

    The dog rolled her eyes, got up, left the room!

    Amazing poem Bill!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This speaks to me, my friend! It’s a struggle trying to find true love and holding on to hope that it’s out there. It’s painful and a lonely journey, but one can only hope that one day they will get through that jungle and find paradise in someone’s heart.

    Really, really beautiful poem, Bill! Another one knocked out the ball park!

    Liked by 1 person

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