Alone With Your Memory

There are moments
In the silver silence of evening
When my life hungers for little.

Neither the crass din
Of entertainment,

Nor the supple fulfillment
Of food or drink.

Just yearning for that special place…

To creep there with no one knowing,

That place of dreamlike whisper,

Where the brightness of our love
Once cast shadows
Against the world around.

Where our depth of commitment,
Once shouted the passion for eternity,
Undeterred by the challenges of life.

Where my heart,
Known only to you,

Rested in the velvet
Of your peace and joy.

All I long for,
In the quiet of this evening,
Is to journey through those past memories,

To that special place,
Which now,
Echoes an emptiness
And the vanishing illusion
Of you.

I still need to visit that time,
To rejoin myself with that place,

And to remember

When we were in love…

My life rich
And verdant,

Forever within reach,
So nearly touched
By the outstretched ache
Of my pleading finger tips.

I just need to go there,
To that special place,

And be…

And be

Alone with your memory.

Β© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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31 thoughts on “Alone With Your Memory

    1. So glad you liked it Dorothy!! Thank you!!!

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    1. So many thanks Gianna! I’m glad it was meaningful to you!

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  1. I think I was experiencing this feeling this past weekend. My mind needed to go to that special place and time that has come and gone. Lived only once, but has left a lasting impression on my heart. Your words remind me of that feeling. Sometimes we just need to go to those memories and, in a way, remember it like we would do a lost loved one. This is a really beautiful piece, Bill. Very heartfelt and deep.

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    1. Thank you Brandi. I know exactly what you mean. As an introvert, I find myself going to such a place fairly often. Just me, and my thoughts. I guess that’s weird…but maybe you can understand.

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      1. I’m more of an introvert myself, so I completely understand. Plus dealing with social anxiety, sometimes the world around me can become a bit overwhelming to deal with, so I cocoon myself and spend a lot of time with my thoughts and feelings. It comes off as antisocial to some, but it’s simply “Me Time”. Sometimes we just need to allow our minds and hearts to roam free without restriction or judgment. If any of that makes any sense. Lol.

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      2. That makes all the sense in the world to me, my friend. I’m with you.

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  2. This is incredibly moving.

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    1. Thank you so much!! That’s very kind of you!!

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  3. Wordsmith Bill ❀️

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    1. Hi EC…so many thanks. That’s a tremendous honor coming from you. Really appreciate it!!!

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  4. Love the Rytheme of this one. Great writing. 😊

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    1. Thank you Jamie!!!

      Glad that you liked it!!!!


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      1. You are very welcome !!


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  5. This sums up exactly the feeling of needing to retreat from the world and take refuge in the memories of a lost love. Very moving and beautifully written Bill x

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  6. Lovely, there are memories of love, bliss and joy we all should be taking refuge in esp in hours of gloom. I know what you mean. I can feel it, Keats said” a thing of beauty is joy forever”. A beautiful memory can be joy forever and a refuge to escape drearieness of life! Well done Bill

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    1. So many thanks Tanya!! That’s so kind. Glad you enjoyed it!

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      1. I absolutely did my friend, it’s wonderfulky penned and the feelings expressed I can identify with!

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      2. I’m so pleased, and honored! 😊😊

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      3. My pleasure πŸ˜‡

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  7. your phrases are just pure bliss to read – silver silence of evening has dimension and depth


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