Bled By These Words

Raw contradiction
Lies in the pervasive
Damning of loneliness.

Seemingly vapors…

Lacking feel,

Lacking touch,

Lacking strength…

Amorphous ghosts,

Just whispers.

But that damning vapor
Of emptiness,
My loneliness,

Floods my heart with poison,
Demands my mind succumb.

Supposed emasculated whispers,
Wielding blades of disdain
Carving any last notion
Of hope…

From my heart.

And so with this pen,
I shoulder my armor,
Wage my war against
Those demons,

Opening emotional arteries,
Spilling pain of emptiness,
Letting go the loneliness,

Across these pages,
And moments…

Words from inside me…

Bled deeply,

Bled without regret,

Bled with my heart
On the line.

All my hopes,
All my yearning…

Bled by these words.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

30 thoughts on “Bled By These Words

  1. Beautifully sad and poignant, Bill. “Seemingly vapors…” combined with the following verses with lacking feel, touch and strength is very powerful, plus the images with the open arteries with blood and pain. Again I see the connection between Mario Savioni’s work and yours with this sadness and loneliness. Are you still reading Blue Emptiness or have you already finished reading it? Mario and I would so love to know what you think of his book. Perhaps you are more critical than me. I wrote a too nice review?

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  2. I like this one very much. I will have to let it settle in, the depth of it. Words from such a place of inner truth, do they offer a gift, the chance to move forward into a more hopeful place. Sometimes writing feels just as you describe here. 🌷

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    1. Thank you Suzanne! I very much appreciate your comments. I too find it helpful to let the words sink in. Sometimes, I feel differently about what I write the day after as the subtlety of the words can expose new ideas to me. Language can be so interesting!

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      1. Yes! Yes! Me too. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking 😂. But, as you say time gives me a new perspective that can often reveal insight. Language is wonderful! The other day you used the word opalescent and I just hadn’t thought of it in a while. Such a beautiful word that needs so little to go with it. Sorry to ramble. 🙃 Have a beautiful day 🌷

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