The Beautiful Strength In Weakness

There are so few things
For which I ever ask
Of anyone.




Have always been
My hallmarks of strength.


Did I want to feel like
I was a burden.

“Cowboy up.”

“Suck it up.”

“Deal with it,”

Direct orders that
My heart could
Quote from memory.


“Never let them see you fail,”

“Never let them see weakness.”

Just more of the same.

The same facade,

My facade.

But on this fall evening,
With you,

My reality,

And my facade,

Are having a reckoning
With my heart.

My emotional armour,
It turns out,
Isn’t so strong afterall.

And that sense
Of self-reliance,
Proved utterly frail as well.

And now

In my emotional nakedness,

The pain of a lifetime
Of loneliness
Is welling up,
And spilling from me.

I need so badly,

So badly,

To be held.

I need so badly

So badly

To find safety.

And with your arms
Around me,

And with your love
Drying my tears,

My heart has been opened
To the wonder of your grace,

The brightness of your light,

And the healing of your encouragement.

Making me realize
The peace
That awaits…

When I let down
Those walls,

And let you in,

To build me back up,

And make me whole again.

Showing so clearly,

The power in
Sharing my heart and

The beautiful strength,

The beautiful strength
In weakness.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

33 thoughts on “The Beautiful Strength In Weakness

  1. Love this !!

    And I can so much relate to this.. I thought it was better to be tough and not show my feelings . but I’m finally realizing I need to be more open and that it is ok to share my feelings. That it isn’t a weakness..

    You hit this one spot on.

    Liked by 1 person

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