Exquisite Chemistry

Beyond our understanding,
Beyond the sciences
Known to man…

There is elegance
Of the unknown,

Unaccepting of challenge
By logic,

Denying the dissection
By learned attempts
To expose

The mystery.

In the moment
That our lips meet…

Such a mystery
Unfurls in ribbons
Of color,
And texture,

And seductive murmurs
Of our touch
And near horizon.

The fluttering of
These mystical ribbons,
Drapes over us,

Caresses us,

Enlivens us,

To an openness to that which
Only awakens in dreams
Of forever love.

Just our lips,

Building on the embers
Of our body heat,

Fueled by the complexity
And depth of love words
Crafted for one another,

Woven into our body language,
Secluded from observation
By others,

Transformed into that
Known only to us,

The mystery of our love,

And the exotic,

Exquisite chemistry of…

Your lips

And mine.


© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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