Lifted By Your Light

I’ve come to realize,
That in my life
There are two immutable truths.

There will always be
A constant pressure
And worry.

The depths of challenge,
The questionable way ahead,
Will always foist
On me
A longing for respite
And sense of sanctuary…

And the older I get
The more palpable
That torment.

But secondly,
Secondly my love…

Hear this immutable truth.

Despite the darkness ahead,
My worries unending,

I feel your presence.

Edgeless warmth,
Surrounding my heart.

A whisper of peace
Caressing my worry.

An unending acceptance,
Flooding my spirit,
Knowing that you will
Always love me.

So despite the steel of cold
And darkness,

Despite the crushing pressure
Of the depth of my disquiet,

I feel your arms
Wrapped around me,

Raising me from doubt,

Defying the gravity of my pain…

Taking my home…

Lifted by your light.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

62 thoughts on “Lifted By Your Light

      1. Oh I LOVE what you have just said. It is the truth,whether you think of it as the live of another human being, or of a God. You inspire me

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      2. I am so glad you agree with me on that Bill. And also when we see and find real love in another human bein it is in essence the love of God whether we recignise it or not. See the Song of Songs fir the sensuous love of God, even spirit love is sensuous

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  1. I like the contrast between opposites in your poem: darkness vs. light, gravity vs. lifting and raising. The ending is very powerful:

    “Defying the gravity of my pain…

    Taking my home…

    Lifted by your light”

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