You Are…

God knows that I’ve tried…

Tried so hard,
To ignore,
Those quiet,

But pervasively destructive,
Whispers of doubt.

Those whispers of…

My heart cannot invest
Itself in you.

Too much risk.

Too much past pain.

Whispers of…

My mind cannot invest
Itself in daily daydreams

Of you.

Too much churn.

Too much conflict.


Too much.

All of my life
Amplifies this cacophony
Of uncertainty,

And unwillingness
To step out
On the thin ice

Of emotional commitment.

So afraid of breaking through,
And drowning,
Yet again,
In the numbing coldness,

And emptiness,

Of losing my heart.

But then…

I look into your eyes,
And see a million miles away
Past my doubt
To a surety,
And sanctuary of us.


I see your smile,
And I’m overwhelmed
By a warmth,
Melting all the icy wasteland
Of my past failures.

And then,


I sense the silk
Of your fingertip,

On my lips…

Suggesting a depth of compassion
And comfort,

And forever.

And in that moment
Of epiphany…

My eyes see,

And my heart senses,

That maybe,

I pray…

That just maybe…

You are,

You are…

The one.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

57 thoughts on “You Are…

      1. Absolutely, love is worth taking the risk we might end up losing but at least we tried in one life. There is no dearth of love my friend if you know how to love… no dearth of love just know how to love 🙂

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      2. Some fruits are sour doesn’t mean you stop eating it, try and miss but would be one out there which is sweet as honey 🍯, that’s love!


      1. Yes, I enjoy reading your work. The image of the sub heading to sea stuck with me . The fact you said you were nervous everytime you had to navigate the Thames river really struck me. I always thought of commanders as being unshakeable, somehow immune to human experience. It was a revelation to me. Soft and hard, two sides of the same coin. Thank you for that perspective, Bill.

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      2. I think you’ve got that right. The currents in the river can be non trivial, so approaching and safely passing between the spans (and under the bridge) always got my attention. Add in a little fog…and it became extra special. 😊

        Perhaps there’s a healthy balance of being challenged and thereby totally focused…as compared to being immobilized by fear. Does that make sense?

        Really appreciate your comments Gianna!!!


      3. It’s strange but when I went to board the ship, I changed into my “submarine self.”. It’s all about changing mindset. Giving up personal space. Giving up the light and warmth of the Sun. But all for a higher calling.

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