Whenever You Are Ready

There is
An inherent beauty,

In that which is slow.

For in that tranquility,
We can truly,
And deeply,
Understand what matters most…

What spark
Is meant,
To meet the needs
Of our fire.

And so it is now,

My love.

There is no place
For expediency,
In the blooming
Of what could be…

Of what we could be
The flower of us.

I don’t suggest
That we look at forever,
Just yet,

For there is
The more important
Coalescing of two lives,

Just now…

In this moment.

There is no rush.

Our pulse,
And our breath
Need to be measured…

One step,
At a time.

I am here,
To follow your lead…

To follow,


With complete surety,
Know that I am yours,

And know
That I will be waiting
To commit
To forever,


Whenever you are ready.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

59 thoughts on “Whenever You Are Ready

      1. Thank you so much my friend. When I came up with the tag line for my blog “Food for the Heart,” I truly wanted those words to come from the heart, and feed the heart.

        I so appreciate your comment!!!!!

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    1. That is so very kind of you to say. Thank you!

      At this point in my life…I’ve become more circumspect, and hopefully more aware of what’s really important.

      So many thanks for your comment!!

      🙂 !!

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      1. its been rain everyday here on the western coast of the Peninsula, we had fireworks last night to start off our “festival of lights” – gorgeous after the rain stopped. i imagine your fall season from my past experiences, it is a favourite season of mine too. do keep warm! i love rainy days!

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    1. That’s so very kind of you Rose….I really appreciate your feedback!

      I find that ideas and emotions will strike me unexpectedly…and that’s what drives most of my writing. I also have found that my “voice” is (hopefully) uncomplicated, straightforward language that would be welcomed by all.

      So many thanks for your interest!!

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  1. This is a beautiful reminder that whatever is worth having is worth waiting for. Love should never be rushed and you present that message beautifully, Bill. Patience is definitely something needed when dealing with something so precious. 😊

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    1. Thank you Brandi…so much appreciated.

      It’s like handling the most precious thing in your hands.

      Only the gentleness of going slow…protecting…and nurturing….

      Just that,

      So I believe.

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      1. Now that’s a beautiful idea for a poem! lol

        The idea that love is this precious jewel… maybe even a life, that’s in your hands is beautiful. With that love in your hands comes so much responsibility… almost like holding one’s heart. So being careful with it is definitely first priority. 🙂

        You are very welcome, Bill. Always my pleasure!

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      2. I love your thoughts and analyses!!!!

        If you would indulge me…I’d love to read your words crafted around that theme.

        You’ve so simply and perfectly captured the essence.

        Should you ever be searching for a muse for the pen…perhaps this could provide such inspiration.

        I’m just sayin’

        🙂 !!!!!!!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. haha! Am I being challenged again? 🙂
        One day, I’m going to give you the challenge and then YOU have to write! It will be like homework. lol

        You are very kind, but the truth is your words really draw a person into those deep thoughts, so I’m merely bringing attention to what’s already present in your writing. But… I will ponder upon this muse you speak of. 🤔lol

        Liked by 1 person

      4. No pressure my friend…

        But let’s be clear,

        You absolutely CRUSHED the last challenge.

        And…it wasn’t even a challenge, it was more of a request.

        A request for you to give raiment to the initial threads of my thoughts.

        That’s all.

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