At The Nexus Of Heartache…

There is no substitute
For Fate…

Is there?

At just this moment
In the vacuum of my life,
Trying desperately to breathe…

I somehow,
Cross paths with you.

So beautiful…

So elegant…

So elevated,
From the simple me.

Unwilling to let go
Of my safety net
In the pain
Of past hurt
And emptiness,

You will,


Accept my hesitation
To move
The searing scars

Of my past relationship failures.

For in the grandeur
Of a fall night sky,
Stars singing,
Planets spilling beauty…

All echoing the glory
Of this bon fire before me…

I can’t think straight.

I can’t look too far ahead.

But in this moment,
I do sense a vision
Of comfort,
And grace.

Perhaps there’s a calming
To the roil of my seascape.

Perhaps there’s a hue of peace
To be painted across the forever
Of my emotional horizon.

Maybe my newness,

Maybe my new life,
Is truly now…

If I can just take that step,
Towards your beautiful tranquility.

Just here,

Just here
At the nexus of heartache,

And meeting you.


© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

68 thoughts on “At The Nexus Of Heartache…

  1. Bill, all I can say is this is an absolutely incredible poem. I live it. It is deep and emotional, and puts into wirds so welk wgat many wilk felate to. Just beautiful Bill

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  2. So well written Bill ..

    I can relate.. Its hard to let go of past hurts and disappointments.. And it causes a lot of turmoil within..
    But I’m working on being more open and hoping writing will help me figure things out..

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      1. Yes.. It makes perfect sense..

        Right now for me this writing is a step forward in my new now.. I’ve come to the conclusion that I can no longer keep my thoughts bottled within..
        And its hard for me to express my emotions but writing helps me communicate what I’m feeling inside.
        And maybe I’ll find away to be more open with expressing myself to the people who matter most in my life.
        I’m hoping anyway..

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      2. I completely understand. For too many years of my life, I worried so much about what others thought…and that weighed on me so heavily.

        So, when I started this blog, and started writing, I decided to part with that past.

        Now, typing these keys is the most important thing I do.


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      3. Yes I get that.. I’m realizing now that it doesn’t really matter what others think of me except for me.. They’re not living my life I am..

        You know at first I was ashamed of the fact that I was a writer.. I felt like people would judge me since I’m not a kid anymore. Like I should grow up and do something more with my life..

        But once I came out to the world that I am in fact an aspiring writer I’m no longer ashamed and I’m so comfortable with that fact.. I think really my own self worry was holding me back.. Because no one has yet to banish me for writing lol !!

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      4. Good for you!!

        And…I totally understand.

        If so many of my past acquaintances knew I was writing…they’d probably scoff.

        But you know what?

        I don’t care.

        I need to do what I think is right in my life.


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  3. Emotionally intense, so well written as usual. This poem speaks of emptiness and of failed love relationships. Again, I see some connection between yours and Mario Savioni’s work especially through this part of your poem:

    “Accept my hesitation
    To move
    The searing scars

    Of my past relationship failures.”

    It strongly reminds me of Blue Emptiness and emptiness is blue because it is the color of sadness. There is an evaluation from the first person narrator about the past and the love relationships that have failed. Then there is a deep reflection upon the present moment and near future. In all of this both, yours and Mario’s work coincide. For example, look at this poem of his (not published but just posted on his blog):

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