Set These Fingers Free

All day long,
These fingers,
Have done their duty.

Got me ready for work,
No small task.

Struggled for strength
At the gym,
An even more demanding task.

Typed endless emails
And Instant Messages
At work.

And when possible…

Held that cup of hot,
Black coffee
To my lips.

But now,
It’s a different time.

My tonight is here,

And these fingers,


They are in need
Of new tasking.

They could do household chores,
Or myriad other duties,

But none of those demands
Are what these fingers desire.

My fingers long for,

Dream of,

Want nothing more

Than to
Caress your skin,
Caress you,

The silk of you.

Just to massage your tense back
After a difficult day at work…

Just to select the ingredients
And prepare a dinner…

And pour for you
That glass of wine…

Or maybe two.

My fingers,

My love,

Do so many things
During the day,

But what my fingers
Long for

Is just to touch you…

Just to soothe you…

Just to please you.

All we need to do,
Is make it
Through the workday,

Make it to
The evening,

Get close,
So close together,

Set our minds free,
Set our hearts free,

And then…

Set these fingers free.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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