Use Me Up…

I stand before you…

My naked heart
Baring all its scars,
And secrets,

Trusting in the safety
Of your touch.

Trusting in the sanctuary
Of your grace.

Trusting in the truth
Of your love.

And so willing,

For you to have
Your way with me.

There is nothing
Left to hide…

No more inhibitions,
Nor unwillingness.

There is nothing
Left to protect…

Every trace
Of my man spirit

I relinquish…

To you.

I am ready,

If you are ready,

To paint your picture
Of forever…

All over me.

Just be gentle,
Just gentle brush strokes…

Using my desire
And commitment
As your palette
Of emotional pigment.

I am here,


To be yours.

Taste the richness
Of my devotion.

Consume my lust
To give myself to you.

Use me up.

Use me all up.

© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

67 thoughts on “Use Me Up…

  1. Wow Bill this is so beautifull, tinge Of romance, sensuousness and love! You have merged in it senses of feel ,see and touch. Very Sensory and vivid. the ending lines are almost like prayer taste the richness of my emotions…
    Use me up
    Use me up

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    1. I so appreciate your comments Tanya!

      I wanted badly to convey a sense of total openness and capitulation…nothing held back.

      Simply the idea of one person making him/herself so totally open and available to another.


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      1. Well, that’s very generous of you Tanya. Thank you!!

        Sometimes that Muse is tortuous…and demands so much.

        But therein lies the beauty and pleasure of writing.


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      2. yes the muse is torturous, it renders you extra sensitive to sensations and the longing to writing can be intense, more compulsive…but there is release in writing more pleasurable…

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      3. well we are all slained by the muse, it comes on magical wings and inspires. by sprinkling dazzling thoughts and flakes of sensations, kindles the inner fire, which flows on papers….

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    1. Thanks Jamie!!

      The phrase “all used up” came to mind yesterday…and encouraged me to play with that a bit. So (as we’ve discussed), I made a note of that, and last night “put pen to paper.” Well, not really…but you know what I mean. 🙂

      So glad that you liked it!!

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      1. You’ve got that just right.

        Since I started this writing journey, I’ve realized the great importance in paying attention to the quiet voices I hear. The vision, the words, the small things I hear. Therein lies the grist for writing.

        That’s all we can do….yes?

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      2. Yes! Sometimes when the ideas come that way the flow is so much better.. And writing is super easy..

        But then there’s the times I try to come up with an idea to work with and it kind of turns into a tongue tied nightmare lol !
        I guess because its too manufactured and pressured..

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      3. I feel the same. The more I think about what I need to write…the more struggle I feel.

        I swear…it’s when I don’t think…and just be aware of the quiet around me…that’s when I feel blessed with the idea that is whispered to me.

        That probably sounds weird…

        But that’s me.

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      4. Whoa!! That happens to me too! Its just like it appears out of nowhere .. And they’re the best ideas ever!!

        I’m glad I’m not the only one that happens to. Lol! But I get what you’re saying.. 😊

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    1. Thank you Ally!!! I’ve tried to mature my writing style to be a little more emotional and descriptive…

      Hopefully that comes across.

      I’m grateful for your comments and thank you for your interest!!

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      1. Thank you so much. Also, I would really appreciate if you could participate in the activity which I mentioned in my blog post titled dear readers ask me anything. You have been reading my work from a long time and I would love to know what you think. Please do check it out. Much love

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