Just Needing Someone (Her) To Listen…

For so many years,

So many had listened
To him…

They listened to him,
At work,

They listened to him,
In social settings,

They listened to him,

When it really didn’t matter.

All of them listening…

None of them…

Truly hearing him.

But at this point
Of his life,

His voiced strained
To utter
An unfulfilled love,

His heart choked,
Clogged by a murmur
Of pang.

His life,
Somewhere beyond,
Struggled to mouth
A release…



Every week,
Hundreds crossed his path,

Each hearing
What he had to say.

Each responding
With the pabulum
Of nothingness.

Each offering,
No more
Than the echoing ache

Of his ever-present

No one offering


His ears,
His heart,

Begged to hear
Something so much different.

Just the clarion
Of forever,

From the one.

Just the clarion
Of commitment,

From the one.

Just the clarion
Of rest,
And peace,
And grace

In her arms.

From the one.

Just needing someone,

The one,

To listen…

Listen truly…

And hear him.


© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

49 thoughts on “Just Needing Someone (Her) To Listen…

    1. Well…that’s very kind of you Jamie. The other version from several days ago I inadvertently posted. It was one of those “scheduled,” items which I had forgotten was out there. I hadn’t intended for it to go…but alas, it was posted before I deleted it.

      Oh well…mistakes happen.

      Thanks for your understanding!


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol!! 😄 Well.. I wouldn’t worry about it too much..

        I’m always having to go back through mine and edit auto correct errors! Even though I read through before publishing, I always have some kind of mistake.

        Liked by 1 person

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