…Tip Of My Tongue

Some things
Are so personal…

So intimate.

So perfectly secretive,
And immutable,

Not to be shared
With anyone.

And that,
My love,

Is exactly
The way I feel…

When I’m kissing you.

All of the five senses
Of human experience,




In the moments
Our lips meet.

Those five mystical senses,
Such glorious gifts
When we kiss,

As I

Taste the elegance of you,
Touch the spirit of your soul,
Breath in the sensuous lilac
Scent of your skin…

Absorb the beautiful lyric
Of your sighs…

And gaze at
The lustrous mane
Of your tawny waves,
Framing the beauty
Of your face.

All of this elegance,
So close,
And enrapturing,

As our lips

Grasp for…

Long for…

And seek so much


All of this
Passionate luxuriance,

Pure elegance,
And the words

“I love you”

Just there when we kiss.

Just there,

On the tip of my tongue.


© 2018 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

60 thoughts on “…Tip Of My Tongue

  1. Lovely penned, Bill! I so admire your indefatigable fountain to express such sensuality, eroticism and lyricism. You keep incredibly faithful to your poetry topic and yet never repetitive or tiring for us, readers. Waiting for your e-book…

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  2. What serves as a muse for writing is a fascinating thing. Looking forward to your book. Bragging now…my first formatting job is on Amazon. Look for Rob Taylor’s The Irreducible Primary. I did two of his poetry books too… Noesis is one. Meredith was a good teacher. I will write a book review for you when it comes out.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. thank you for your kind thoughts. I will surely sleep well now. and yes need to be well rested for a hectic week ahead. the same to you too Bill, assuming you work during the week too.

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      2. yes same problem here. i wish i could spend the day writing and taking long walks. work days drain a lot of creative energy. i need the quiet time to be inspired. you take it easy too ok.

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  3. Kissing is healing to the aching heart, and the three special words can comprise in them the whole world. I specifically enjoyed when morphed from physical to spirtual giving it almost a platonic quality! It’s perfect melting pot of sensuality, spirtual and ethereal. Good job!

    Liked by 1 person

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